Alphabet Illustrations

We posted about the work of Flavio Montiel a few times here on ABDZ and he always keep surprising us. I saw that he has been doing a daily series on Dribbble of beautiful compositions of the alphabet letters. He is already on the letter M so we decided that it should be featured here on ABDZ

Flavio Montiel, is an Art Director and 3D Artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. After 4 years working as an Art Director for Harley-Davidson, he quit his job and started his own studio called Bodi Multimedia, which is more focused on web. It was around that time he realized that he couldn’t hold back his love for illustration anymore and started to work as freelance illustrator as well.

3D for me was always more like a hobby and i’ve been learning it for about 10 years. Even though i’ve worked for a few agencies and a very wide range of clients as a Designer and Art Director, and even as a freelancer developer, 3D was always with me on those moments when you want to create something cool from the top of your head, without the pressure of it being a paid job, nothing more.

For more information check out Flavio's work at

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