UI Inspiration: Layouts

Lately, we've gone specific in subjects at sharing UI Inspirations with interactions, cards, footers and more. Today, we've put a collection about  Layouts, which is a pretty much vague but interesting to dig as well. It's great to surf through different works (in progress) and noticed the small little details. I don't personally think there's any major trend going on with layouts but there's a thing happening for subtle details to make your layout stand out more to the others. Hope you will enjoy!

Designed by UENO

Designed by UENO

Designed by Valentyn Khenkin

Designed by Janna Hagan

Designed by UENO

Designed by Léonard Chalvet

Designed by Tintins

Designed by Ernest Asanov

Designed by Julien Renvoye

Designed by Aykut Yilmaz

Designed by Owen Perry

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