- UI/UX is one of the most popular web sites in Brazil. I'd say that the main reason is because of the popularity of the TV Globo, they dominate the marketshare, but I have to also highlight that their website is one of the best news site in the world. I know a few people that worked there and they are some of the most talented designers I know. This project is a good example of the UI/UX work behind a product like that.

The project was shared by Felipe Luize on his Behance profile and he describes the importance of having a system that allowed them to A/B test 5 different variations of the design in order to pick the most efficient.

The home page is one of the most accessed pages in Brazil. Every decision here needs to be exhaustively thought and tested carefully. The project had the intention of updating the technology and this would allow us to do some several updates based in data. It became possible for us to have at least 5 different versions of this page being tested at the same time. - Felipe Luize Behance


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