Opéra Saint-Étienne 2016 - Brand Design

Opéra Saint-Étienne 2016 is a brand design project created and shared by Graphéine. There's just a lot to love about the original work done in 2015, and this project is a testament of the quality of the brand conceived - it scaled amazingly well to present a collection of amazed faces.

In 2015, we conceived the visual identity of the Opera of Saint-Étienne. A logotype whose shape is directly derived from the architecture of the building. It was also a story of smiles...  Last year, we had chosen to present a collection of amazed faces. It was the technical and administrative staff who had lent themselves to the game. For the 2016 season, we chose to highlight the musicians of the orchestra.

Graphéine is a brand design studio based in Paris, France. For more information about their work check out https://www.grapheine.com/


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