Motion Design for UI by Michal Sambora

There's a clear shift or I would say evolution of interface design that relies more in motion design to make it easier for people to understand how to use the application. In addition to that motion design can enhance the visual experience tremendously. Michal Sambora has great examples of subtle and not so subtle animations to illustrate that. There are some quite interesting experiments, especially the real weather project that uses 3D to create dramatic icons for a weather app. Some of the projects seem to be experimental only, but even if they are not based on real implementations, they are still worth checking them out.

Michal Sambora is a interface designer from Cracow, Poland. For more information check out his Dribbble profile at

Motion design for UI

DribbbulChallanges dribbbleWallet24fpsAccount2Motion Design for UI by Michal SamboraMotion Design for UI by Michal SamboraBankjobUi animation

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