Designing For Dementia - Jelly Drops Water Sweets

We're writing in today on the topic of "designing for dementia" and an innovative brand out of the UK called Jelly Drops. Jelly Drops founder Lewis Hornby is an award-winning 27-year-old inventor and designer, driven by a passion for social good. While studying Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Arts, he worked on a range of social impact projects. His focus was diverted in 2018, when his grandma, who had dementia, was hospitalized with dehydration. The then 24-year-old student spent a month in her care home to find a solution to her lack of water intake, resulting in the invention of the very first Jelly Drops.

Popular among people with Alzheimer’s, seniors and others who struggle to stay hydrated, Jelly Drops are made with 95% water, contain added electrolytes and are sugar-free. Dehydration is a common challenge for those living with memory problems as they can forget to drink enough water which worsens their existing condition while causing a host of new ones. 

The intentional, eye-catching colors and a teardrop shaped design make them easy to handle and the bite-sized format has a solid, yet smooth, texture that encourages independent hydration in those who may not realize they’re thirsty or otherwise may require assistance to drink.Since launch, we have made over 3 million drops, empowering countless seniors, people with dementia and many more, to support their hydration in an easier and more enjoyable way,” said Jelly Drops founder and Chief Product Officer Lewis Hornby. 


drops in row

jelly drops tray



“Original products and designs like Jelly Drops are key to helping overcome the everyday challenges faced by people with dementia, challenges that have been further amplified by the pandemic," said Colin Capper, Alzheimer’s Society’s Head of Research Development.


Early prototypes

snack pot

tray protoype

Founder Lewis Hornby with grandma Pat

grandma pat and lewis

To learn more about how Jelly Drops is pioneering solutions to a complex problem at their direct to consumer site or follow the brand on Instagram @jellydrops.

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