Thoughts on Branding from Rowan, a new premium coat-care brand for dogs

We love seeing new products coming to life especially when there's a lot of attention on Branding and Visual Identity alongside, of course, the overall high quality of the product itself. Rowan is the world’s first beauty brand for dogs, that’s right, dogs, and is offering naturally-derived solutions for pet parents packaged in an equally premium way that could very well be shopped in the beauty aisle. 

We were able to grab a word from Rowan co-founder and Creative Director Sally Clarke, the creative jedi who has worked on some of our favorite, design-minded household brands like method, for some inspiration behind Rowan. 

“We always knew we wanted to design Rowan as a beauty brand that happens to be for dogs. I wanted the brand to have a fashion and beauty sensibility combined with the humor and joy of loving dogs. We are serious about making clean, luxurious product for our dogs but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. It’s been an interesting challenge to launch a brand in a pandemic, on a very small budget. We’ve had to think our way around many obstacles and get creative on so many aspects of building the brand and the business. We see this as a start, as we grow and get past COVID supply-chain disruptions we have plans around new product launches, sustainability, and dog wellness initiatives. But getting to this point feels pretty awesome.”

Check the brand’s direct-to-dog site for some inspiration in a category that has been ripe for an overhaul and just in time for gifting


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