Nostalgia the 27th Exhibition by Evoke One

Just recently, the online group of amazing artists, Evoke One shared their first exhibition of 2012 and their 27th exhibition entitled Nostalgia. They once again did a incredible job experimenting and making a stunning set of artworks, pictures and music. I hope you will enjoy them!

Our 27th release, Nostalgia, brings a dynamic collection of art, photography, and music. The term "Nostalgia" was interpreted in a unique manner amongst our international roster. Feelings of sorrow, felicity, and childhood memories were ignited within and translated into ethereal works of art. We even journeyed back into EvokeOne's past by creating our "Nostalgia" type group collaboration that was directed by Brandon Spahn

For more information about Evoke One and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Evoke One on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @evokeone.

Papermoon Disaster by Anthony Giacomino, Parker Gibson, James Merrill, Anthony Gargasz, Ted Yavuzkurt & Parker Peterson

Nostalgia by Ricardo Juarez, Parker Gibson, Daniel Kong, Berthjan Achterop, Anthony Gargasz, Brandon Spahn, Alastair Temple, Parker Peterson, Ian Steele, H. Dyst Winterson, EJ Dalupang & Sahir Khan

Fading by Ricardo Juarez & Tyler Lehman

Yuko Haru by Ricardo Juarez

XXVII by EJ Dalupang

The Changing of Seasons by Brandon Spahn

Summoned by Parker Gibson

Subject Matter by Maebh Costello

Seven Lives by Vigan Tafili

Sentiment by Khyzyl Saleem

Portrait of Nostalgia by Berthjan Achterop

Pharaoh by Brandon Spahn

Pays de Nostalgie by Nastasia Peters

Memories in Time by Maebh Costello

Le Temps by Loic Sattler

Last Minutes by Leonk

Last Hope by Leonk

Ice Cold by Aaron Campbell

Fleeting Memories by Alastair Temple

Dark Voyage by Leonk

Constructing a Dream by Brandon Spahn

Building an Entity by Brandon Spahn

Autumn's breath by Liran Szeiman

Agony of my Past by Brandon Spahn

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