Old School American Signage

It's great to see that some people are enthusiasts of old school design. Marc Shur has a great collection of vintage signage in his flickrstream, enough pieces to make any signage fan go crazy.

These are some good examples of how good signage design was back then. I mean, there got be very few people who wouldn't enjoy having one of these hanging by their business, right? Even though I'm Brazilian, I get very nostalgic about these. Maybe because these became somewhat of a universal reminder of the 40's, 50's, immortalized by cinema. But that's my guess. Anyways, these are only a few of Marc Shur's collection. For the whole deal, check out his flickrstream! I hope you enjoy these. ;)

Canyon City Liquor

La Casa Del Sol Motel

Mee Heng Low Chop Suey Shop

Grove Motel

Wagon Wheel Bowling

Melody Ranch Motel

Alamo Motel

SoCal Self Storage - McGee's Closet

Encino Park Liquor

Donahoo's Golden Chicken

New Aster Motel

Jolly Jug

Phoenix Bakery: Part 1

El Royale Apartments

Corbin Bowling Center: Part 1

Robin Hood Motel

Cupid's Hotdog

Lakeside Car Wash

Goody's Coffee Shop

Twin Palms Village


Circus Liquor

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