Omega Code Official Posters

Omega code is a great project that we don't get tired of showing, so many hi class posters from all over the world. So today I selected the original posters and also put a little history of the project for those who don't know about.


Omega Code is a project that is gathering music and art. Initially started to be just a regular music project, Omega Code realized that there was a very good opportunity to work together with visuals, as they were connected to the design sphere, via Marcelo Baldin, who already worked for several studios and brands worldwide. Uniting visuals and music, would create a new way of build this project. Not only graphic design, but also motion design, interactive projects, installations, etc. Diverse ways to mixing both worlds.


While working on the music itself, the band invited 23 artists from every corner, to create a series of posters based on the debut album. Well known designers such as Joshua Davis, Si Scott, Mike Cina, Michael Paul Young, Danny Franzreb, Motomichi, among others, created unique illustrations. For the distribution, Omega Code though about something new as well, giving them for free, for the whole globe. 2,300 posters will be spread across the globe, as a form of spreading the band's name, the art and the designer involved.


Along with the posters, Omega Code decided to make exhibitions in several places, with the 23 posters. SÃo Paulo, Lisbon, New York and Munich are the first places that will have this exhibition. The first set date will be in Lisbon, during the OFFF 2009, in May. More and more cities are sending emails, demanding exhibitions as well.


As the art idea grew up, Omega Code teamed up with IdN World to release a book, containing all art that is being made for this debut and also a DVD with videos and interactive goodies. The book will contain more artists, including photographers, programmers, motion designers, directors etc. The release will be also worldwide.


As the posters idea was very successful, the design community demanded to participate as well. Omega Code opened space for submissions and with that a very positive repercussion and feedback. They receive submissions every day, in the most diverse styles of illustrations, pleasing every taste. 20 submissions will be featured on the book.


The band itself has a very strong identity. Having a wide background, they incorporate influences of hard rock, metal, post rock, idm, ambient, and electronic music. The feedback has being amazing, receiving compliments from professionals and also the public. They just finished recording the album and already have bring the interest of some managers. They are also having the guest participation of Ryan and Don Clark, from the award winning band Demon Hunter (USA).


After the release of the debut, a remix album is already planned. It will contain the participation of Michael Fakesch (Funkstorung), Flying Lotus, Richard Devine, Clifford Gilberto, John Black (Cypher), Anvil FX, Hecq, and others. They believe the music can have diverse interpretations, to amplify their ideals.


As the project is growing progressively, Omega Code is looking for brands that would like to be part of this creative project. The divulgation of the project is being massive and is growing every day.


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