Packaging Design: Mathias Dahlgren Edition

Essen International shared probably one the most beautiful packaging design for kitchen appliances that I have seen. I am not kidding. The Grand Hôtel Stockholm, retailer Dafra and chef Mathias Dahlgren wanted to develop a modern set of kitchen appliances and the result is simply stunning. Minimal, elegant this project is an example of how a beautiful design, starting from the package can elevate the quality of any product.

Mathias Dahlgren is a Swedish chef, who won the culinary championship Bocuse d'Or in 1997. Four times selected the Swedish Chef of the Year, Dahlgren ran the Stockholm restaurant Bon Lloc, which had one Michelin star, from 1996 to 2005. In 2007 he opened the restaurant Mathias Dahlgren in the Stockholm Grand Hôtel, which received a Michelin star in 2008. In 2009, it was upgraded to two Michelin stars, only the second Swedish restaurant ever (the first one being Edsbacka krog) to receive this recognition. - Wikipedia

Minimalism at its best. A concept condensing the necessary information at point of purchase, size, and the cooking itself. Why make it complicated?

Packaging design

Essen International

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