Product Design: The Lifesaver Backpack

Following up on previous product design feature, we would like to share another product that genuinely combines safety and playfulness for children. I am just so fascinated that we live in an era where we can to witness so many innovative products that can actually change lives and for this case save lives. Let's take a closer look at the Lifesaver Backpack, adding to its feature of being an everyday backpack fitted for kids but it's also a lifesaver vest. How amazing is that? Recently that initiative won many awards from Canne Lions and we just can't imagine why not!

In this project, I was able to participate doing the product design and creating two characters for the backpacks: the crab and the crocodile.




About Carlos Sanabria

Carlos an Art Director and Visual Artist from Bogota, Colombia. He has been working with brands like: Johnson & Johnson, Pedigree, VISA and more. Just to name a few.


Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson Colombia
V.P.C: Rodolfo Borrel
Executive Creative Directors: Miguel Norato – Claudia Murillo
Creative Directors: Diego Contreras – Diana Triana
Account Director: Andres Sanmartin
Copywriter: Camilo Mateus
Art Director: Carolina Parra
product design: Carlos Sanabria - Carolina Parra
character design: Carlos Sanabria
Industrial Designers: Juan Sebastian Sanches

More on the project via Behance.

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