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Theory11 x James Bond Golden Card Deck

With the delayed James Bond No Time to Die movie that is coming soon enough to our streaming collection. We have been seeing cool imagery and obviously trailers.

Red Envelopes - The Fortune Guardians Illustrations

On February 12, 2021, based on the Chinese lunisolar calendar. A vast quantity of people will be celebrating the 'Lunar New Year'. It's basically the new beginning of the calendar and it's worth celebrating its new cycle.

The Growth of Influencer Marketing

As we kicking ourselves into the year 2021, I truly believe that Covid-19 has been part of our discussion topics on a daily basis for the past year. Our habits have changed, we had to adapt ourselves to new ways of living.

Building sneakers made of Lego

Kwaku Amuti is a creative director and illustrator based in New Jersey. He has been producing, more precisely building a cool series of sneakers made of Lego. Yes! Kwaku is that cool!

WEGA Concept 51K 3D Render

A little blast of nostalgia for this feature on abdz. We are taking a look of a 3D render of the 'WEGA Concept 51K' which was released in the years of 1978-1982.

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