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Surf Locos Illustrations

It's cool how the season can shift your perspective on your day-to-day. I have been feeling more lively with the summer and how things are very slowly coming back to some normality.

預言 Prophecy Series — Cinema 4D

Recently I was watching this novelty on Netflix titled 'Wish Dragon', it tells the story about a 'wish-granting dragon'. I would definitely recommend it.

3D Pixel Retro Electronics by Joanna Ngai

From Seattle, Johanna Ngai is an illustrator and UX designer at Microsoft. She proved to us that you can be filled with skills, and it definitely shows in her artwork.

Designer Spotlight — Guillaume Azadian

It's been a little while since our last 'Spotlight' series and it's always rewarding to feature designers, leaders who are excelling in what they do but usually are just part of the behind-the-scenes of a major brand overhaul or product

Surreal Quarantine Photo Manipulations

Let's be clear. I really don't miss the days of home quarantine from the past year. I did appreciate the time spent with the loved ones but glad we all get to live some kind of a 'normal' summertime.

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