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Adobe has been the biggest software maker for the design community. Since I started my design journey I have been using their software, especially Photoshop. One of my favorite tools, however, was the forever missed Fireworks, an app that was initially created by Macromedia which was bought by Adobe. Fireworks had it all, pages, frames, symbols, vector and a lot of top UX designers using it. That wasn't enough for Adobe and they killed it. The outcome was a big gap in the market and when there's a gap there's opportunity and a small team created a killer app called Sketch which in a small amount of time took over the UX design community. Adobe, observing this trend, decided to respond and the answer seems quite awesome, it's called Project Comet.

I was invited by some Adobe friends to visit their San Francisco office for a demo of a new tool. I was super curious about it, are they resurrecting Fireworks? Once the demo started I understood that this wasn't a new version of Photoshop or Illustrator for the web, it was a brand new product, started from scratch. I was amazed to see that approach by Adobe. The fact that it is a new app gave them the opportunity to do it right, not get paralyzed by constraints of legacy code. The result is a blazing fast rendering engine, for me that was one of, if not the most, impressive features.

A whole new experience in user experience design. Design and prototype websites and mobile apps faster than ever with Project Comet, the first all-in-one solution for UX designers.

There are tons of details and features that were made to increase our productivity. The idea of merging a design and fast prototyping tool is a great example. Another super useful feature is the Repeat Grid feature. I hate designing lists of content because there's always changes to be made, and that is always super laborious. Comet fixes part of my workflow beautifully well. Another great feature is the Live Preview on the device via USB. I know there are tons of apps that do that. But the fact that it's via USB solves one of the biggest hurdles designers from big companies have, the WIFI security issues that block mirroring tools.

It's great to see Adobe back in the game and it's even better to see that now there's more competition in this field that has been dominated by Sketch. Sketch is my tool of trade, I use it everyday but I am excited about Project Comet. I am excited to see what it will do to the market, I am sure 2016 will be one of the best years for UX designers in terms of tools. We see an avalanche of apps coming to life, like Principle for prototyping, Flinto, InVision, Pixate. With Adobe in the race the only thing that can happen is that we will have better tools that will allow us to spend less time doing repetitive work and more time creating, ideating and innovating for the future.

For more information check out Project Comet website.

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