Sony Zeus - Industrial Design Concept

Today, smartphones are more popular than computers, at least more people have these amazing phones than computers. It's incredible to think that the iPhone was released less than 10 years ago. We now have a plethora of options, different screen sizes, software themes and of course, industrial design. Apple definitely set the tone, and still does, defining some of the trends in terms of materials and style, however we see Samsung and other manufacturers really pushing the boundaries. Sony has really good phones however they still haven't blown us away and I think that was what drove Steel Drake to come up with a concept for a Sony smartphone design, which he named Sony Zeus.

Adding some originality and special features, Sony smartphones could become more appealing to the publicFor this post I'd like to share a project that Steel Drake shared on his Behance page. It's a personal industrial project and we can see he borrows some design ideas from Samsung with the curved glass. I don't know or see how useful that curved glass is in terms of adding more real estate to the phone screen, but it sure looks nice. I like the look and feel of his renders and would definitely consider having a Sony smartphone if it looked like that.

Sony is an iconic company with a great history. With its legendary products, the company has made a name in the minds of everyone. Talking about Sony smartphones, the design of their smartphones is good, however, quite simplistic. Adding some originality and special features, Sony smartphones could become more appealing to the public. I have tried to change completely the exterior design of Sony smartphone showing how they could look like. - Behance

Industrial Design

Steel Drake is a designer generalist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. For more information check out his website at

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