Sound Design: Contact Mic Recording and Water Foley


Following our Sound Design series, today we bring to you two ways to capture sounds that work perfectly in harsh environments. Contact Mic Recording and Water Foley.

Contact Mic Recording

Concept: "Contact Mic Recording is a form of microphone specifically designed to pick up audio vibrations in solid objects. Normal studio mics are all built around the principle of detecting vibrations in the air but Contact mics are different in that they are designed to pickup surface vibrations."

Water Foley

Concept: "Foley is a term that describes the process of live recording of sound effects that are created by a Foley artist, which are added in post production to enhance the quality of audio for films, television, video, video games and radio".

The videos were made by Tim Prebble - - Prebble is a film sound designer & supervising sound editor based in Wellington, New Zealand. While most of his waking hours are spent working on film soundtracks, other interests include making ambient/alaetorical music, collecting records, playing double bass, messing with his modular synth, making electronic dubwise beats, planting sunflowers & wishing he was on holiday in Japan.

Written by

Gustavo Guiotto

I'm an audio enthusiastic from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've been working with audio since 2006. I'm a fan of sound design, film score and recording techniques. Follow me on twitter: @gustavoguiotto