Spectacular Cathedral Ceiling Art

When you talk about the Renaissance the thing that comes to the mind is art! Magnificent art. We're talking about Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and all the ninja turtles (just kidding). And a place where you'll find concentrated art is a cathedral.

Cathedrals were the perfect canvas for Renaissance artists... there you'll find amazing sculptures and breathtaking ceiling art. Those ceilings are something completely apart! So I thought it was really important to share with you some of the most amazing cathedral ceilings in the world. Of course some of these are modern cathedrals, but they still got fantastic art. These photographs were taken by some really talented people. Please, for more of their work and for the locations of each cathedral, simply click in each image. They'll definitely appreciate your visit. I hope you enjoy this selection, and if you got your own cathedral ceiling art pictures, share it with us! Cheers. ;)

Nicolò Panzeri


Mark Carline

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Ceiling

Andy Mansfield

Cathedral Ceiling


cathedral ceiling

Chris Sinnett

Worcester Cathedral Ceiling

Matthew Scerri

Cathedral ceiling

Martin Hunte

Cathedral Ceiling


Cathedral ceiling

Ted Dobosz

Cordoba Cathedral Ceiling Spain

Alan Gemski

Cathedral ceiling, Siena


Cathedral Ceiling Geneva

Harshil Shah

Salzburg - Cathedral ceiling


Exeter Cathedral Ceiling Reflection

paul cripps

The cathedral ceiling

Ken Hircock

Salisbury Cathedral ceiling

Roy Lathwell

Verona cathedral ceiling


cathedral ceiling

Philipp Chistyakov

St.Isaac`s Cathedral ceiling drawings

Boris Kafka

Cathedral ceiling

John McCabe


Udo Schröter

Parma 001


Malta - Mdina - St Paul's Cathedral - Ceiling


Canterbury Cathedral Ceiling..

Kitty Wheeler Shaw


Josep Puigdemont


Daniel-Ryan Imlau

Cathedral Ceiling


St. Isaac's Cathedral in Saint Petersburg

Lars Hammar

Real Cathedral Ceiling

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