Clever Art Direction for Coke Advertising

Coke Bubbles is an advertising and art direction project shared by Sascha Kuntze, Aditya Hariharan from Dubai and Hugo Rochette from London. It's the type of art direction I get really excited about because it is a clever example of photo-manipulation. Everybody is familiar with the Coke bubbles but the idea of making them using photo of a crowd was quite unique and very creative.

Art Direction & Illustration: Black Friday, BEWARE!

It's finally the end of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze, aren't you glad that is over?! WE got hammered in our inboxes from the pre-sale, actual sale, extended and never-ending sales. After all of this, did you buy anything? Was it worth it? This is exactly the intention behind this illustration series by Tough Slate Design, what you think? I think it's a true representation of our rage for discounted prices for a limited time.

Advertising & Art Direction: Destápate Campaign

Let's take a look at this interesting campaign that involved advertising & art direction for Destápate. What I love about this campaign is the approach and actually the story behind why. It invites you all Colombians to celebrate who they really are instead to hide underneath clichés. You should check out the commercial, it's quite lovely and share the love! Mullen Lowe SSP3 is an advertising agency in Bogotá, Colombia. You should definitely check out their site for more work.

Art Direction & Advertising: Everything is okay Until it's not.

Let's take a look at this art direction & advertising campaign proposal by designer Rui Gonçalves for Reliance Life Insurance. That tagline is pretty neat and tells the story of the two pieces very well. You just gotta love the layered composed elements and also the perspective that gives you a unique puzzle of the global situation. Props to the post-production skills from Rui who does a very job to express the behind-the-scenes. And also sharing his frame-by-frame process so we can get inspired from.

Advertising & Motion: Lenovo - Different is Better

In celebration of growth and opportunity ofLenovo, the team over Ars Thanea worked on an advertising video to capture and express its rebirth with a colourful approach that was entirely made without CGI. I would suggest to watch that Making Of to learn more and just watching at the final result is a burst of creativity.

Advertising for 2017 New York City International Auto Show

2017 New York City International Auto Show is an advertising, typography and game design project shared by Dan Forkin Studio on their Behance profile. The concept is quite simple, a car crossing through the word "drive". Simple things always tend to be always difficult to pull it off because they might feel have that feeling of lacking something or unfinished. It's definitely not the case here. The final piece is flawless in my opinion, especially the different variations and applications.

Art Direction: Phone Wall Campaign

The tagline of this campaign is: The more you connect, the less you connect. There’s a powerful message through the lines of this campaign tagline and you can easily relate with what it is all about. We’ve been through debates where technology grows at such a fast pace that the consumer grows to be even more demanding but at what point? I love the fact that the art direction gives you a clear understanding and a reflection to a sad reality of a present day. I love technology but I do agree that we have to keep a balance in our lives.

Animals Photo Manipulation

It's been a while since the last time I posted about some post-production and photo manipulation projects, that's the reason I wanted to share some cool projects by Post Production, an advertising agency from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I love their work with animals and the level of details of some of the compositions. It definitely makes me want to play more with Photoshop. For more informatcion about Post Production check out

Harmony With Nature

Photo manipulations are always something that we love to share here on Abduzeedo. I myself love to try to recreate some of the ideas in Photoshop and have since the early days of Abduzeedo.

30 Years of Nike Air Max

Last Friday Richard Hawkings, a great motion designer that works with me at Google shared with me this amazing work done for the campaign to celebrate the 30 years of Nike's iconic Air Max. The work was done by ManvsMachine, a design & motion studio from London, UK. The work is so good that I asked myself what was 3D and what was real due to the quality of the texture maps. They were kind enough to share a little making of and we had to share it here with you. ManvsMachine is a multi D&AD and Cannes Gold Lion award winning design and motion studio.

3D Work by Mecanique Generale

We have posted about Mecanique Generale in the past and after scoping their latest work I realized that it was due time for another blog post to celebrate their talent. Some projects, like Johnny Walker for example, really speak to me and inspire me to go to Photoshop and try to recreate like the good old days. Perhaps next weekend is a good time to dust off my Photoshop skills and take a crack. For more information about Mecanique Generale check out

MTV Match Machine

Motion design matched with beautiful vector illustrations is a perfect union and the inspiration behind the project that creative agency Wenderfalck put together for the MTV Match Machine campaign. The color scheme, the motion graphics and the illustrations have a very modern feel making this project a worthy candidate for a feature here on Abduzeedo. Creative agency Wenderfalck created the MTV Match Machine, to help love starved teens all over the world find the answer to that question. A facebook app that would match you with someone in your friends list.

Coca-Cola 100x100 by Greig Anderson

Coca-Cola is such an iconic brand and their bottle is a trademark. You can see that form and recognize immediately that it's Coca-Cola and of course their marketing team is super smart to explore that. Another great example is the beautiful work that Greig Anderson created for Coca-Cola 100th anniversary. Just check out after the break and you will understand what I am talking about. We were proud to be selected as one of 100 design studios worldwide invited by Coca-Cola to submit a poster design to mark the 100th anniversary of their iconic glass bottle; ‘The Contour’.

Longer Than Life

Today we bring to you another great post about photo manipulation, it's a beautiful advertising piece created by Mladen Penev and Clemens Franke. The composition is mixes a woman's arm with flower petals and the other version with smoke. It's good to see a bit of the behind the scenes as well, like the way they took the photos, the make up and etc... For more information check out and

Africa | Mitsubishi - Photo Manipulation

It has been quite a long time since I posted about some nice photo manipulation. I used to spend quite a long time looking for references and also practicing my skills in Photoshop and some 3D tools. Anyways, it's always good to bring back good memories and also to feature some inspiring work like the Africa | Mitsubishi by Pict Estúdio. It can happen by fate or by chance, that this magazine falls into the hands of a person who is looking for a different Image Production Studio and actually able to really make a difference.

CCAA Kids - Character Design

Advertising is all about communication but to achieve that much work is required from a copious array of fields, from basic communication to design, illustration to 3D, and many others. The photo manipulation is the element that always attracted me, especially in terms of giving life to objects and characters that are not real. That's the case of the work that Estudio Icone created for CCCA Kids to help Brazilians learn english.

Red For You by Adam Spizak

We're excited to post this eye-catching work done by Adam Spizak for the Renault Samsung QM5 campaign. We've featured Adam's work several times on the blog and the cool thing about his work is his wizardry of mixing the dimensional elements of 3D with the rare and unique style that comes with the expertise of 2D techniques. Adam is a senior designer, art director and designer from London, UK. You can check out more of Adam's work at

Before & After Digital Images

This is awesome collection where you can see the before and after of some really cool works by Apix 10, a creative studio based in Jakarta-Indonesia. Apex specializes in production of high quality commercial CG and photo based imagery for the advertising and today we are sharing some before & after of their work. For more from Apix 10 visit

Smith Wooden Custom Built Furniture in 3D

The level of realism in some 3D compositions is simply mind boggling, case in point, design studio 4eFergovi's 3D illustration for Smith Wooden Custom Built Furniture. The realism is insanity, for a few minutes I truly thought it was legit and for that reason, we're excited to share with our readers here on Abduzeedo. I'm still convinced it is real but check out yourself and get inspired. 4eFergovi is a design studio located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are specialized in Art Direction, 3D and Graphic Design.

Barack Obama's New Look by MKT1

I am always amazed by the creative minds behind some advertising campaigns. Urbano Rodriguez and mkt1 put together a series of images exploring new looks that Obama could adopt after his retirement. The outcome is simply hilarious and definitely worth checking out. We are starting a campaign to choose what should be the new look of President Barack Obama after his retirement. Make your choice and give your vote! For more information about Urbano Rodriguez and mkt1 visit

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