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Architect Day: MJP Architects

British office located in London founded in 1972. MacCormac Jamieson Prichard was established in 1972 by Sir Richard MacCormac and is located in Spitafields in London and in 2008 the name was changed to MJP Architects. In the office portfolio are several projects in the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, at various locations in the UK and outside the UK as the British Embassy in Bangkok.

Architect Day: Satoshi Kurosaki

The Japanese architecture presents another great architect, Satoshi Kurosaki has an interesting portfolio, consistent architecture, seen in small details, both external and internal, combining other materials with the concrete and creating cozy, fluid and natural lighting spaces.

Architect Day: Elenberg Fraser

The australian office from Melbourne, stablished in 1998 by Zahava Elenberg and Callum Fraser, Elenberg Fraser present an interesting architectural concept. With projects that enhance the visual of cities and give the urban look a nice touch, they work with movement and really beautiful shapes.

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