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Art Deco Night Series by Ann-Sophie De Steur

The future of art is based on the past but with much more accessible and innovative tools near hand to achieve what we aim but sometimes that innovation is hard to bring back the past. Stumbled across her night series, Ann-Sophie De Steur's artworks nostalgically thrust you in the face. She able to bring back this art deco feels, 30's, the Jets cartoon with a flare of Rocketeer, and everything in between. This night series is pleasant to look at and her take on the color of the night is just really well thought.

Poster Design: Metropolis 90th Anniversary

La Boca created a beautiful poster design to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Fritz Lang sci-fi classic, Metropolis. It was screen printed in 4 colour variations using a combination of metallic inks and mirrored papers to create the same art deco look. The result as I mentioned in the beginning is quite stunning. I particularly love the colors as well as the textures. So check it out after the break.

Brand Identity Love: Snob Hôtel Paris

We're looking to book our next trip to Paris after discovering this beautiful art deco inspired brand identity for the crisply named Snob Hôtel located in the center of the city of light. Buenos Aires-based branding studio Asís can be credited for this elegant body of work and we couldn't be more delighted with the result. The branding for the Snob Hôtel was conjured up to match the bourgeois quarters paying homage to the Parisienne lady and her 'chic and chilled' demeanor.

Future Cities Illustrations

Future Cities is an illustration created by Rutger Paulusse for an event about housing for young adults. I love the style of the illustration, mixing Art Deco with future concepts like flying objects. Everything with simple forms and excellent color choices this illustration truly deserved a feature here on Abduzeedo. Rutger is a designer and illustrator from Amsterdam, Netherlands. For more information check out his website at

Art Deco Inspired Illustrations by Mads Berg

After all these years posting about things that inspire me in terms of design and digital arts, I have to say, simple illustrations with art deco influence are the ones that really blow me away. Mads Berg seems to be mastering this technique with a set of beautiful artworks. Mads Berg is a designer working withn the fields of illustration are Posters, Brand Illustrations, Key Visuals, Editorial Illustrations, Cover Art, Murals. He graduated from the Danish Design School in 2001, and since then, He's been working independently as an illustrator.

The Great Gatsby Art Deco Style in Illustrator and Photoshop

Movie posters are always a great source of inspiration, movies area always about periods of times, sometimes it's in the future, others in the past. Some are really good at representing some art styles. That's the case of the new movie called The Great Gatsby. It's heavly inspired by the Art Deco movement and it's simply beautiful. It's so cool that we had to try to do that in Photoshop and share in a tutorial. So for this tutorial we will create a Art Deco image based on the poster of The Great Gatsby movie. We will use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create the whole thing.

Design Movements - Art Deco Inspiration

Art Deco is one of the greatest design movements of all time. It has been a refference of style for a long time, but most people don't realize that Art Deco can be found in most places. From Brazil do the Czech Republic, from Architecture to movies, it's found in places that you probably don't even imagine. When you were a kid, and use to watch those Disney cartoons, you were probably already being surrounded by it. When you walk down the streets of the capital of the world, NY, you are living and breathing true design history. That's how big Art Deco is.

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