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Adhemas Batista - I'm Selling Colors

Adhemas Batista launched a new portfolio website this month along with a blog and a lot of colors and great works. You're about to read the an Illustrated biography of one of the most creative and talented Illustrator of all times. Sit tight and enjoy the ride! Visit his new website & new blog Adhemas Batista has been in the business of selling colors since the age of fifteen. Born in Sao Paulo City, Brazil, Batista is a self-taught digital artist that is world-renowned for his colorful and distinctive illustrative style that he brings to his projects. Batista has worked for advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world and has developed skills in creative and art direction, illustration, interactive, photography and photo manipulation. Most widely known for his creative work for the Havaianas brand, Batista has been sought out by some of the world’s biggest brands looking to embrace his unique style including Absolut Vodka, Adobe, Basf, Blender Magazine, Coca-Cola, Danone, Future Publishing, General Electric, General Motors, Havaianas, Hellmans, Honda, Microsoft, Myspace, NBC Network, Nike, Nokia, Nordstrom, Paypal, Pepsi, Philip Morris, Renault, Sony, Symantec, Toyota, Tylenol, Unilever, Volkswagen, ZaOza, Zune and many more. Batista’s creative vision has earned him many advertising and design accolades that include a Golden Lion in Cannes Festival 2009, two Gold Statues in the London International Awards, One Show Interactive, FWA, and was named Brazilian Young Creative in the Cannes Advertising Festival. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and a number of international design books. Batista has been invited to participate in a number of world-wide creative projects representing Brazil as well, he was selected as the only artist from Brazil to participate in the Coca-Cola Remix project and most recently, was one of 12 international illustrators invited by Microsoft to contribute to the Windows 7 personalization project by contributing a custom wallpaper for users to select as their desktop. Batista moved to the United States in 2006 with his family to continue his creative career and now works out of Magenta ( his own design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Story Adhemas Batista began selling colors at an early age. He was born in the south of Brazil in Sao Paulo City. Inspired by the vibrancy and color of his homeland, Adhemas got his hands on a computer at the age of fifteen during an office internship and proceeded to teach himself design and programming skills. Fascinated by the interactive realm, Adhemas worked with a number of local advertising and marketing agencies, and eventually opened his own web design agency with his brother when he was only 20 years old and helped to grow their agency to 20 employees in two years time. As Adhemas began to explore his own design style and sought out new opportunities to take on larger projects, he was offered a position he could not refuse as Art Director at AlmapBBDO, one of Brazil’s most creative advertising agencies. During his time there, Adhemas would work on the project that would put his name on the map…the Havaianas website. Given the open and creative nature of the client, Adhemas was given free reign to explore his vibrant and colorful style through concepts, designs and illustrations. When the site launched in 2005, it received worldwide exposure and resulted in a number of prestigious advertising and design awards. At the age of 25, Adhemas was sought after for his unique style and saw his career take off. In 2006, Adhemas decided to move to the United States with his family in hopes of finding new opportunities to grow his career. Since then, Adhemas has spent time perfecting his craft while working with some of the best advertising agencies, design studios and interactive shops around the world. Always staying true to his colorful design and illustration style, Adhemas began to take on larger projects and was able to offer additional services in art direction, interactive, photography and even photo manipulation. When he is not working on client projects, Adhemas can be found toiling on his latest personal project, “Colorful Land” a picture book filled with Adhemas’s own photography mixed with illustration and design. The book features colorful photos inspired by Adhemas’s homeland and a full showcase of his vibrant design style. Stay tuned, more to come later this year….

20 Incredible Photo Illustrations by Ee Venn Soh

Straight from Malaysia Ee Venn Soh is a master when it comes to photo illustrations full of saturated mixed media of colour that look so alive in so many different shapes. Every piece is a trip and it's incredible. Check out the selection of works and also get to know him by reading his biography. Ee Venn Soh I am the person behind the creative identity of EIII. I work completely on my own, without any formal trainings. But it just happens to be something that I am good at. I am a 1986b. graphic designer & illustrator originally hailing from Malaysia. Currently I am studying computer science in University of Auckland, New Zealand. In 2008, I went on an international student exchange program with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. I will be focusing on application programming, interactive motion arts, image processing and data visualization in later stages. My works are a saturated mixed media of colours balance, shapes, 3D perspective, drawings, airbrushing and photo manipulation. The candour and openness in designs with regards to my life as a whole have made me someone who truly appreciates arts today. I have never been to an art or design school. The only training would be the late night experiments and tutorials. To prevent myself to be a victim in the inundated repetition with all the brimming of uninspired works. I participate actively in the international art scene mostly those in the US, UK and European countries while keeping a close watch on the market leading inspiring creatives. For more make sure to visit

Photography + Biography of Simon Duhamel

Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema, video games and pop culture, Simon Duhamel's photography registers in a modern approach to digital photography. Both photographer and retoucher, Duhamel knows ho to create unique scenes and ambiances for each of his realizations, providing each project with a distinct visual signature. My name is Simon Duhamel, and for the past 3 years, I've been making my way in the photographic world. I started documenting my progress with a blog I still write on a daily basis,, sharing my thoughts on photography as well as my work and inspiration. I'm a big promoter of emerging artists and to push the concept, I recently launched with my collegues a new collective of photographers and visual arts artists called "Made of Stills". ( Other than photography, I've worked on several stop motion projects. Along the way I had the chance of working as Director of Photography with talented people such as motion designers GPG (, Julien Vallée ( and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa (, creating ads, tv shows intros and videoclips. As for my personal work, I am very influenced by pop culture, comic books and video games. I like to instill specific moods to all my images, allowing myself to explore, providing each project with its own visual signature. I specialize in advertising but also work with artists. I am currently working on a long term project to portray emerging artists from Montreal and around the world. One day, I hope to get this project published. Till then, lots of work ahead! Did you like this post? How about the Abduzeedo's new Limited Edition Tee "Goddess of Abduction"