Automotive CGI Design: the futuristic Honda Reventon

Following up with our latest futuristic feature, let's go with this automotive CGI design by colorsponge entitled: Honda Reventon. As part of a weekly challenge from the folks at Automotive CGI; colorsponge also known as Carlos Pecino is taking it over with this winning design. I think you might have recognized the frame of the Lamborghini Reventón alongside with an Akira-inspired colour palette and elements like the tires. It's quite lovely and a nice tribute!

Digital Art & Direction: Cannes Lions Imagination Day 2017

It's that time of the year where our friends from Ars Thanea reveal the visuals for their Cannes Lions Imagination Day Conference. Each year, they will present something unique and certainly get our attention. This year is no surprises with the symbolic lion back again but this time in all fury. Please enjoy because it's awesome!

Illustration & Digital Art: 3D Works by Ryogo Toyoda

Ryogo Toyoda is a Tokyo-based 3D illustrator and a motion designer and he has worked with many brands including Google, YouTube and more. His style is a mixture of illustration, digital art, CGI, graphic design and typography. Everything combines with a careful choice of vibrant colour palette. Coming from the center of the Earth in terms of anime and fantasy characters, it's no surprise that Ryogo is really good at his craft.

Illustration & CGI: Kiplinger Magazine Spread

Starting off the week with this stunning magazine that is a spread for the Kiplinger Magazine located in Washington, DC. Designed by Pakistan-based Omar Aqil, he used a combination of Phoshop, Illustration and Cinema 4D. The result as you can imagine is right down colourful and you can't help to appreciate all the details. Make sure to give him some love on Instagram.

Set Design & Art Direction: Adobe at OFFF 2017

Noelia Lozano is a Madrid-based graphic designer and art director that specializes her work into paper craft, CGI and 3D. For her latest project, she had to put those skills in action to create a set design for Adobe at the prestigious 2017 OFFF edition. In collaboration (Art Direction) with DR Digital Agency, it must have been quite an honour to be able to create something that would have been seen by more than 4000 attendees. You should definitely check out the full project as well on her Behance.

Ars Thanea is celebrating its 10th Year Anniversary

Our good friends over at Ars Thanea is celebrating their 10th anniversary. It's huge! It's a big milestone to accomplish and by also knowing that things have changed for a better future. We are very proud to support their work throughout all the years and especially experiencing their creativity and growth. For the occasion, I've put together a series collection, you can always watch their reel for 2017. Happy 10th Ars Thanea!

Graphic Design: a New Poster Collection Spring

Quim Marin has started a poster series that really should get your attention. With a combination of graphic design and probably 3d for the mockup presentation takes the whole poster to a newer level. Here's to somebody who probably got bored with the free presentation mockups that you can find online. His series is a beauty of playful colours mixed into a CGI set that just keep you from wanting more. Check it out and hope you like it as well.

3D Rendering & Digital Art: Suprematism & Constructivism

Let's kick it off with 3D rendering from the mighty folks from RoomCR6 with their series entitled: Suprematism & Constructivism. Based on their fascination with Russian Art, they have been playing with Cinema4D and Arnold Render to bring the Suprematism Art movement from 1915 back to our modern time but by keeping its fundamental roots with circles, squares, lines, rectangles, and with a specific colour palette.

Typography: Imperfecta Experiments (36 Days of Type)

We would like to share a typography set of experiments for 36 days of type by the mighty folks over BÜRO UFHO. Based in Singapore, they are multi-disciplinary creative studio that focus their work into making brand stories through type, images, illustrations and layout. Working with clients like: BMW, Coca-Cola, HBO and more; I really like their motto at thinking that good design is a good life and being small = freedom to do things that matter.

Fashion Design: Nike ACG Running Collection Concept

A few weeks ago, we’ve featured an architectural photo series by Clement Balavoine about his perspective of Tokyo. Now he is back with another project about what he is really passionate about - Fashion Design. It took me him 9 days to create a collection inspired by the work from Errolson Hugh and NikeLab. Even though, it’s only a concept but it’s such a great exercise to express your vision and as a Nike fan; these are really beautiful to look at.

Digital Art: Ghost in the Shell Collab

Last month, we were all smashed by the trailer of the controversy and still in the making movie: Ghost in the Shell. I personally watched the trailer and loved it. I liked how they make an effort to keep it close as possible to the animated series. It’s also a great thing to have the Creator of GITS onboard as well. We are taking at the work from Furio Tedeschi and his 3D/digital art contribution to the project.

3D Exotic Cars - CGI Renders

It’s always impressive that somehow you’ll look at a photograph and you’re not even sure if it’s real or not. I am especially talking about car photographs, we understand that is a tremendous amount of work to just finding the location, getting the equipment, getting the special car and crew to just organize everything together. What if there’s another route?

BEAST - Digital Art

Hearing news from Adode MAX where they introduced (coming soon) the Project Felix. A product where you’ll be able to easily create 2D and 3D assets, that sounds like it could be amazing. While it’s coming soon, we rather appreciate what’s been done by artists in Autodesk 3DS MAX where I feel there is more control for your composites, lighting and etc.

Jupiter 3D Panels

We would like to share the work of Oleg Soroko and his series entitled: Jupiter 3D Panels. Oleg is an architect based in Moscow, Russian Federation. He has also skills a designer and also a CG Artist, using his skills as a sideline.

Peter Tarka's Summer Update

Our good friend Peter Tarka never ceased to impress us here on Abduzeedo, with his inspirational concepts filled with colours, digital CGI goodness and the combination of different elements that could literally go from a little plant to a full-size statue for results to be quite lovely.

The "Sweet" Work of Andre Caputo

We just wanna warn you that the following article might be very "sweet" and you might get temptations at getting a snack. We just wanna warn you first! :) Let's talk about the ads that we are all encountered every single day. According to CBS News, we are exposed to an average to 5000 ads per day. This is an enormous number when we all know that there are only 24 hours in a day. Among ads about cars, events, campaigns and others; we'll see a lot of advertising about food.

Mcdonalds Monopoly Print Campaign by Chris LaBrooy

Chris LaBrooy is an artist currently based in the UK. Working with a large brand is not always easy but when it comes to fun, energetic and tyopgraphy! Well Chris puts it so well together with vibrant and playful concepts. Quite inspiring! A fun energetic print campaign for Mcdonalds Monopoly promotion in France. Creative collaboration with Nobrain in France. All Rights to Chris LaBrooy

UNDER ARMOUR: CGI Fabrics by Mike Campau

Mike Campau is an inspiring Digital Artist based in Michigan, USA. Having worked with large brands and high profile compagnies, Mike is always up for hybrid imagery, a beautiful mixture of Photography and CGI. Take a look at his latest work for Under Armour. Wireframes and WIP All Rights to Mike Campau

Letters Can Kill 2

Our friends from Lightfarm Studios strike again with the volume 2 of the series Letters Can Kill. The campaign highlights the risk of text messaging while driving. These images were made by mixing CGI letters with photographic portraits. For more information bout Lightfarm Studios visit

Unbroken Visual Effects by Rodeo FX

I haven't seen the movie Unbroken yet but as a fan of the genre I look forward to checking it out, especially after seeing some of the behind the scenes of the special effects.

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