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Design Chat with Albin Holmqvist

Designer Albin Holmqvist of Spain and Sweden and I have a chat. It's 3am in Sweden and 8pm outside Chicago. Albin is a fabulous designer and typographer. We talk about his work with the EF International Language Centers called Live the Language. He helped create a series of promotional videos that can be seen on his site, On IKEA: IKEA is really an exceptional example, its the typical, You swear to god you will never buy anything from IKEA for your home, because its not so personal, but you end up buying everything there. Albin is hilarious - you should watch this chat and participate in future chats. Some Images DesignChat DesignChat is a weekly video and text-based conversation between and for creatives. Video chats start at 8pm CST on Wednesdays and last about an hour on our site. You can continue the conversation before and after on Twitter using the hashtag #designchat.

DesignChat with Dr. Stefan Bucher from The Daily Monster

Dr. Stefan Bucher joined the discussion on DesignChat on July 20th, 2011. Like the previous guest, Robert Petrick, he is a judge for the STA's Archive 11 show and will travel to Chicago to participate in all events. Stefan reveals that part of the motivation in using inkblots for The Daily Monster is that it is difficult for him to start drawings because he immediately self-censors his work. ”I'm really good at finishing, not so good at starting.” He claims to have screwed up his first job at W+K by working hard, and not understanding the nature of the agency. ”Sometimes there are situations that are not right for you, and it's ok to walk away from them and it doesn't diminish you as a person.” Stefan's favorite font is his own hand-writing, that he recently had converted to a typeface. ”It's Bucher Book, bitches!" When asked what he would be if his current career pat didn't exist, he answered, “If I wasn't a designer, I'd be… hopefully a musician but maybe a vagrant.” For more info on Dr. Bucher, check out his wikipedia page (which I'm sure is 100% accurate) and his websites, 344, The Daily Monster, and his personal site.

DesignChat Guest: Jessica Hische

On the heals of the Cusp Conference, it’s business as usual at DesignChat this week; fantastic guest, amazing work, sprinkle in some beers and hilarity shall ensue. Tomorrow, Wednesday September 29th at 8pmCST join us as we welcome the mystifying typographic talent that is called Jessica Hische. Her Drop Caps will stupify you. Her public digital sharing mechanism will webify you. Once you’re finished being webified, here are some pixels to drool on:

5 Hours of Power, Live Broadcasts

Today I will be doing my first live broadcast and I believe it is going to be awesome, not only because of the opportunity I will have to talk with you guys but also because it will be part of the 5 Hours of Power project in which there will be 4 other fantastic guys that I really admire, Nick Campbell, James White, Justin Maller and DesignChat doing the same . Today will be quite a special day when it comes to live broadcasts. After seeing Nick Campbell deliver his GSG Live Cast last year I thought it was such a wonderful idea for viewers and readers I decided to start my own Signalnoise Broadcast, which is now weekly. The live discussion format offers a wonderful, real connection to those who are interested in art and design and can provide some nice advice for those getting into the industry - James White And now for the 5 Hours of Power! Not only are Nick Campbell and James White going to be holding their own weekly broadcasts, but I and our good pals Justin Maller and the Design Chat crew will all be broadcasting as well. We managed to combine all of these discussions into a schedule to provide a good 5 hours of industry talk. Here is the schedule: 2pm EST - Just "Mad Mauler" Maller - 3pm EST - Nick "Gorilla Grappler" Campbell - 4pm EST - James "Idiot" White - 5pmEST - Fabio "Brazilian Bomber" Sasso - 9pm EST - Ryan "Governator" McGovern - So prepare your questions because this Wednesday will be pure design power!