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82 Clever and Creative Fred & Friends Products

I'm sure you've come across Fred & Friend products before at your local indie store and might not have even known it. Last weekend I was cruising around town and stopped at an indie store only to find one whole corner of the place dedicated to Fred & Friend products. It was heavenly. I stood there for probably more than a half hour laughing and checking out all their cool stuff. A lot of creativity goes into the making of these products, and I think part of that cleverness is shown in the name of the product and the slogan. It's really a hoot flipping through their catalog and I often find myself posing the question: "How in heavens name did they think of that?". Check out this collection I compiled for you guys today and you'll probably find yourself asking the same question. Which one's your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! And you can also drop me a line on twitter or facebook! I'd love to hear from you! Enjoy :) Disclaimer: the images you're about to view may not be suitable for all audiences. Particularly adults without a sense of humor. HACKED!™ the OH! *#% flash drive TALK BUBBLE™ conversational paperclips TOASTED NOTES™ the hot buttered desk accessory! DELETE™ there’s no esc for flies! 500XL™ bigger, better, louder, cooler DUST BUNNY™ who says dusting can’t be fun? FOOT IN THE DOOR™ we ALL need a foot in the door STUCK UP™ rude, chewed refrigerator magnets FEET FIRST: MANHOLE MATS™ street style for your home FEET FIRST: FINISH LINE™ race you home FEET FIRST : YOU ARE HERE™ they really make an entrance ONE MAN SHY™ another bright idea from Mr. P M-CUPS™ matryoshkas made to measure MIX STIX™ keepin’ rythym in the kitchen BATTERFINGER™ a handy little spatula FRENCH TOAST™ It’s the toast of Paris PEACE of CAKE™ make cake, not war PIZZA BOSS 3000™ let’er rip! PAC-MAN® HOTHEAD™ still cool after all these years TWIGGY™ the basting brush that bristles with charm POT PUPPETS™ glovin’ for the oven EQUAL MEASURE™ kitchen measurements in a whole new light TWIST & SPOUT™ here is my handle, here is my spout SPOON REST™ cradle your ladle BUBBLE SCRUBBER™ it’s a scrub brush, it’s a bubble wand ABC* COOKIES™ *already been chewed FILL’ ER UP™ saving for a full tank COOKEYS™ fresh-baked key caps LUCHA KEYS™ stop wrestling with your keys «REW™ rewind your dangling cords, cables, and wires UNIKEYS™ mystical magical key caps ROBO KEYS™ back to the future key toppers HOW TIE™ instructions included SPECIAL TATTOOS™ the NEW, IMPROVED temporary tattoos EARLY BIRD™ wake up to the tweet sound of birdsong BUTTON TATTOOS™ got something to say? TO-DO TATTOO™ the perfect solution for your shoddy short-term memory LOADED!™ (It's a wallet!) it’s all about the benjamins LUCKEY™ the key to thirst SKELETON KEYS glow in the dark skullcaps for your keys CASSETTE™ (I have this!) mix it up with this retro carry-all INANIMATE™ add some character to your inanimate objects EAR RING™ (I love the Van Gogh irony, haha) it's a key ring REVENGE!™ 20 ways to calm down your noisy neighbors TINSEL TAPE™ make your boxes sparkle WOOFERANG™ a fetching toy PORT-A-PINT™ the anytime anywhere beer glass STONE COLD™ icy icons from Easter Island FINGERFOOD™ ultimate party multi-tasking ICE INVADERS™ a close encounter of the frozen kind PICK YOUR NOSE™ PARTY ANIMALS turn your nose into something WILD LIT™ happy doobie to you ROMAN CANDLES™ party like it’s MCMXCIX FOSSILICED™ ice for any age TIPSY TOES™ add a little kick to your cocktail GIN & TITONIC™ sink one in your drink CITRUS SIPPERS™ a refreshing straw and ice-cube combo PEEPSHOW™ get an eyeful BEER BANDS™ never lose your beer again FROZEN SMILES™ not your grandfather's ice tray HIGH FIVE LOW FIVE™ these cocktail stirrers are a perfect ten COOL JAZZ™ freeze, stir, and chill PARTY PEOPLE™ always ready for a gathering POUND™ wood you like a snack? SNAP-A-PARTY™ the do-it-yourself place setting TOOTH PIKS™ they stab, they spear, they scoop, they schmear PASTASAURUS™ Prehistoric pasta server SPLIT™ divide and pepper! TABLE SAW™ carve the cake, cross-cut the lettuce FOOD FACE™ make faces at the table AIRFORK ONE™ for perfect in-flight meals UNZIPPED™ fun by the bagful SPILT MILK™ the splish splash cereal bowl SNACK & STACK™ take along utensils BOOST™ need a lift? SMILE!™ there anything stuck in my teeth? S & P™ salt and playtime ZING!™ launch your lunch PICK A TOOTH™ a molar on a mission CLUMSY COASTERS™ oooooooooops! DINNERSAURS™ invite a dino to dinner OUCH!™ the voodoo doll toothpick holder

Awesome Clever Advertising

One of the biggest challenges when advertising a product, is to come up with an idea that is not obvious, but still is clever enough to deliver the message your client wants. When you do that and still manage to be funny, you hit the jackpot. Here are some examples of clever advertising and how a simple idea might be just the right one to go with. Remember, complex might not be best way, so stick to simple ideas... most times less is more! Found these on Flickr. Enjoy!