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Introducing Dan Harding + Giveaway

Introducing Dan Harding + Giveaway Winner

Other day I was looking for some posters on Big Cartel and I got into the art of Dan Harding. Now I gotta say I'm a great fan of horror movies, especially the more gory ones and Dan's artwork fit perfectly on this aesthetic. But you don't have to be a horror fan to enjoy this perfectly crafted paintings and drawings. You can see more from Dan on the following links: Website Facebook Twitter Shop Paintings Death 20x24 Oils on canvas Swamp Oils on masonite 9x12 War 20x24 Oils on canvas Sunburn 9x12 oils on canvas Iron Maiden 14x18 oils on canvas Pestilence 20x24 Oils on canvas Meat head 9x12 oils on masonite Full Moon Oils on canvas board 12x16 Isolation Autumn 8x10 oils on canvas Drawings GIVEAWAY WINNER We had a really good time on tring to choose the best title, you guys had some really cool ideas, but it's time to decide. So the winner is: Thanks for everyone who participated, If you're still interested you can see more posters from Dan at his Store