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Great Offices from Office Snapshots

I have to say that is no such inspiration as working in a great office. Having a nice and pleasant workplace is the key to production. Since everyone has a different taste, organization method and social preferences, it doesn't matter if the office is small, big, modern, old school, in a company, at your place ... you just need to like it and feel comfortable in it to rase your productivity. I pick some shots of very inspiring offices at Office Snapshots to show here and inspire you to set a great workplace to increase your inspiration. Feel free to show us your office also. As I don't have one yet I owe you my office shot. :) Red Bull's Office in London Pixar HD - Emeryville, CA Yahoo - Sydney Office Tocquigny HD - Austin BBC Office - Scotland Lloyd's - London Office Lloyd's - Shanghai Office Zazzle HD XanGo HD Urban Outfitters HD Some Home Offices

Incredible Design Studios #1 - Seagulls Fly

What do you think about a design studio that does from web design to post production, or to incredible detailed 3D animation to really stylish flash sites? The guys from Seagulls Fly love that idea and from their work I must say that they really know what they are doing. Seagulls Fly is a design studio located in the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you take a look at the view from their office you will understand what I mean with beautiful, it's simply incredible. Besides the view, inside that office there are some of the most talented designers, illustrators, and digital artists here in Brazil pushing the limits of the tools available and presenting us with a show of creativity. I've been fan for quite sometime of some of the digital artists that are working over there, guys such as Marcelo Souza, Flavio Mac, Fernando Reule, among others that were participants of the 3D Online mailing list, back in 1999-2002, where I learned so many things. Anyway, I highly recommend that you check their site out (, you won't regret and you will spend a lot of time on it. Every section of the site is unique and beautiful, and their portfolio is simply amazing. Below you can see some examples.