Introducing Drama App, all-in-one design, prototyping, and animation tool

Last week, we have witnessed an introduction to a new design tool. Yes you have heard me! Whatever you think if it's a necessity or not, I decided to give it a feature and share an introduction. Say hello to Drama App which is an all-in-one design, prototyping, and animation tool. From the creators of PaintCode, Drama App is currently in BETA version and you can easily give it a spin yourself. I know I will, purely just as an exploration. With Drama App, you will be able to perform interface design, build an interactive prototype and also make animations. I also decided to include a series of videos where you can learn the basics of Drama App. Give it a look!

In their words

With Drama, you can:

  • Draw user interfaces
  • Create interactive prototypes
  • Make animations
Finally, you will no longer need to switch between different apps to do all this!

Introducing Drama App, all-in-one design, prototyping and animation toolHello Drama App

Drama App Basics

Make sure to watch the basics and tutorials, they are quite helpful.

Animations & Timing Functions

Simulator & Mirror


Advanced Events


Magic Drag


Magic Move

About Drama App

From the creators of PaintCode, a software company with a small team of four people — Peter Krajcik, Mike Antonic, Matt Dunik and Martin Kiss named PixelCut. PixelCut's first product, PaintCode is a full–featured vector drawing app that instantly turns drawings into code.

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