LYNK & CO's upcoming 02 Global Reveal - Abduzeedo in Amsterdam

We have just received a teaser of the upcoming LYNK & CO Model 02, we will be covering the global reveal in Amsterdam. You will be able to follow the coverage with ABDZ on Instagram. For those you have never heard of LYNK & CO, it's an automaker under the company called Geely who also includes companies like: Volvo and Lotus. You can check out our previous LYNK & CO articles live on ABDZ

Ministry of Supply: The First and Next Intelligent Heated Jacket

We love Industrial Design on ABDZ especially when it's related to a product. We are sharing a product today that is rocking hard on Kickstarter and it's called the by Ministry of Supply. What is it? How about a functional, great-looking, everything-proof, voice-controlled jacket that learns and automatically heats to your optimal temperature.

Introducing the Mission Workshop Rhake, the Weatherproof Laptop Backpack

The mighty folks from Mission Workshop recently launched their newest backpack: The Rhake. Built to tackle your daily life from work, play and night exploration; you can carry most of your tech including your laptop, iPad, phone, chargers, keys and of course a water bottle. Coming as a perk of being a Mission Workshop backpack, it comes also with a two-layer weatherproof construction to keep your gear safe and dry.

Industrial Design: Color of Time Minimalist Wall Clock

Dae-hoo Kim shared this beautiful industrial design project for a wall clock titled the Color of Time. The concept of time is like a numerical representation of a moment. Our time is flowing, time and light are most closely related. Through this design, I wanted to express the continuous change of light with the clock. As the hour hand rotates, you will see a palette that visualizes the light. It shows emotions for the time and continuous light changes during a day.

LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!

About a year ago, we went to the international car launch of LYNK & CO in Berlin, Germany. They are now releasing their first car in China, the Model 01 (shown in the gallery). Designed and engineered in Sweden, the Model 01 went to pre-sale on November 17th. 6000 cars were sold in less than three minutes, this is the fastest selling SUV in the World. Bringing their brand with connectivity with a sharing function and the world’s first in-car share button, to wireless charging and a dedicated LYNK & CO apps store.

Introducing Dusko: a lifestyle brand for the design-conscious by InVision's Tomas Jasovsky

We would like to introduce a lifestyle brand called: DUSKO, they sell products that includes high-quality cotton t-shirts, limited-edition accessories, resilient leather everyday gear and more. Behind the brand, we have its own Tomas Jasovsky who is a Creative Manager at InVision. What started as a small project a few years back now taking on another level with a setup of Tomas's own proper workshop. Let's take a dive!

My experience about going to an onsite UX interview, what I have learned and what I would improve

This is a different approach from our usual feature on ABDZ but this might be greatly useful if you ever get this opportunity. Last week, I (François Hoang - Chief Editor on ABDZ) was on my flight home from an onsite interview I had in San Diego for a UX position. This was my first experience and I wanted to share my thoughts about the things I've learned and what I would improve if you ever get this opportunity.

Industrial Design: Givenchy VR Concept

We have seeing many companies like Facebook, Google and Apple; all taking their turns into VR/AR. What happened if it was designed to a level of a fashion brand? What would have been the approach? Well this is exactly was this concept is all about by Korean-based studio PDF Haus for Givenchy. I personally love this concept and how you can really see this could work out with such a stylish flair.

Peak Design is launching their greatest hits revamped of Capture, Slide, and Slide Lite

The folks at Peak Design just launched a 5-day Kickstarter and at the time we are writing this, the project has been funded 3 times the initial goal. Congratulations to the whole team! They are launching their greatest hits products but with an all-new revamped design. Introducing the new Capture, Slide and Slide Lite; I personally use the Capture Pro and it is such an incredible built as your camera carrying clip. Check it out and support them!

Industrial Design: Mkeke Stand Series

With the arrival of the latest iPhones, there is of course, the release of accessories for us to get and have it part of the essentials. Called: Stand Series, it has been designed by the folks from Seoul-based creative studio found / Founded for the Mkeke brand. Being two parts and made of the soft rugged material; you gotta love the simplicity and again the attention of details to the cord introduction. It's the little details that truly make a difference and you gotta love that colour!

Kickstarter: Introducing Phantom, the complete Clear Ice System

It's always amazing the number of great projects we stumbled across on Kickstarter and also landing in our inboxes over the years. It's also inspiring seeing entrepreneurs creating products and businesses around small things that can make a great difference, not necessarily in our field but rightly for others. Introducing Phantom by Wintersmiths, a complete clear ice system for your next cocktail!

Grovemade: Introducing the Desk Shelf System for your workspace

The awesome folks from Grovemade have recently introduced what they called: Desk Shelf System to enhance your workspace to the very next level. Most of our workspaces are generally cluttered with so many things. Grovemade is offering a wide range of products that intents to give you control of your clutter. Check out their store where you will find shelves, pads, laptop lifts, desk trays and more. Everything is beautifully designed and right to the brand of Grovemade.

Celebrating Ugmonk's Ninth Anniversary with a Limited Edition Set

Somebody else is celebrating today and it's our good friend Jeff Sheldon from Ugmonk. All in festivities of his ninth anniversary, with the yearly traditional Ugmonk's anniversary set. Every year, it's always a surprising joy to uncover this limited edition set where you will be welcomed with a signature tee, emblem and of course beautiful packaging. Wonder who has the entire collection of Ugmonk's anniversary sets since his beginning. Congratulations to Jeff for Ugmonk's ninth anniversary!

Industrial Design: Introducing a few new things made by Google

Today Google has introduced us their second generation of hardware at their Made by Google Event. Did you watch it? What was your most exciting new hardware? 2017 lineup is packed with new stuff and we feel that they have covered all ends from the new Pixel phones, Google Home Mini and Max, new designed Pixelbook, Google Clips, Google Pixel Buds, and an updated Daydream View headset. It's a lot! And all powered with AI where Google Assistant will easily make your life easier. From squeezing your Pixel 2 to using the Pixelbook pen, Google Assistant will learn a lot from its cutting-edge AI.

Mujjo on making the best case they have ever made for iPhone 8/8Plus/X

Whenever there is a new smartphone on the market, brands will work their magic to produce cases so you can protect your fancy and expensive devices. We are featuring today Mujjo which we've had before on ABDZ, they are back today with an introduction of cases for the iPhone 8 / 8Plus and the X. Please enjoy!

Industrial Design: Samsung Dex Book Concept

We are sharing an industrial design project of a product that we wished it was real so we can see how it will actually work in real-life. Too bad it's just a concept but let's just say it's a pretty solid one. Introducing the Dex Book, a laptop to enhance your mobile experience using the Samsung S8/S8+. We have seen what the currently Dex Station from Samsung can do. You need a screen, a keyboard and a mouse to make it work but how about a laptop experience instead.

Industrial Design: Tiller, a Minimal Device for tracking your time

We would like to share another project that is currently live on Kickstarter. For this case, it's a beautiful, minimal device for tracking your time. Introducing Tiller, approached with a clean industrial design. This product has been created to make time tracking straightforward, simple, and unnoticeable. Just one tap starts or stops a timer, and a small turn switches between items. It’s a significant reduction compared to other software-based products. Let's dive in.

Introducing ZIPPELIN: a Travel Bag and Inflatable

We would like to share this interesting product that is currently live on Kickstarter. Introducing ZIPPELIN, a one-of-a-kind travel bag that is inflatable! Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. This is the first rolling travel bag that is spacious when you need it, compact when you don't. I love the fact that it's inflatable because you can easily store it AND use high-quality recycled material makes it even better. What a wonderful concept, check it out!

Beautiful Industrial Design - Logitech CRAFT

Industrial design has definitely become a differentiator. We see that everywhere, from phones, computers, cars, pretty much every product tries to separate itself through a well-crafted industrial design. In the tech world that is even more visible, as the technology itself has, I dare say, been commoditized, what can add value is design. Back to hardware, for this post I'd like to share a bit about the new keyboard that Logitech has created and Bengt Brummer shared on his Behance profile. It's the Craft wireless keyboard

Industrial Design: Introducing Fitbit Ionic

Let's take a look at the latest from Fitbit, called the Ionic (Love the name!). It's packed with many features including personalized guidance & insights, built-in GPS, stores music, heart rate, 4+ days battery life and more. Currently, for pre-ordering, you will be able to accessorize it with bands for different aspects of your everyday routine from sport, leather and classic. I'll be very curious to see it live and test it for every situation. From what we are seeing today from its industrial design, this may be the potential Apple Watch killer, wouldn't you agree?

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