digital retouching

Art Direction & Advertising: Everything is okay Until it's not.

Let's take a look at this art direction & advertising campaign proposal by designer Rui Gonçalves for Reliance Life Insurance. That tagline is pretty neat and tells the story of the two pieces very well. You just gotta love the layered composed elements and also the perspective that gives you a unique puzzle of the global situation. Props to the post-production skills from Rui who does a very job to express the behind-the-scenes. And also sharing his frame-by-frame process so we can get inspired from.

Bringing Historic Photos to Life

Going through history is such a beautiful learning experience and also very fascinating. We've found some old black and white photos going through some bequtiful treatment, all of them are done by artists that use a mix of historical reference and of course some really good judgement for the colours.

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