Astounding Painted Dolls by Noel Cruz

Back in 2008 we featured for the first time the fantastic work of Noel Cruz. He's a super talented artist who paints absolutely gorgeous dolls in lifelike visuals. The best part of it is that most of his work is actually repainting official dolls that look dramatically less worked than his finished product. Hot Toys should most definitely hire Noel... he's way too good! Here you can see a brief selection of his repaint jobs. These are pretty amazing, but only a handful.

Astonishing Detailed Dolls

Ok, I know what you thinking: "Dolls? C'mom..." But I gotta tell you that I'd never think about posting about this if it wasn't REALLY outstanding. So give this a shot! You won't regret! So, while visiting some sites, I ran into this guy, Noel Cruz, a dude from Philippines who's currently living in the US. The thing is that he makes these astonishing detailed dools of real people. His second Angelina Jolie doll was sold on eBay for nothing less than $ 3.350,00. Curious now? Check these out!!

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