Editorial Design: Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson

This is an editorial design by New Zealand-based Creative Director Tim Donaldson, it's a design of cookbook entitled: Cazador. The print material reminds me of an old cookbook which brings a great load of nostalgia. Once inside the book you are introduced to a few images which again keeps that vintage concept but you will notice the big beautiful fonts for the "chapters" and also use for a two-spread designated for quotes. Simple, lovely and quite efficient.

Illustration & Art Direction: Selected Editorial Work by Eiko Ojala

Let's take a look at the Illustration & Art Direction project by Eiko Ojala about a selected collection of his work from 2016-17. What's interesting is that you would think that is paper cut but it's a illustrative mixture with graphic design. The Beautiful craftsmanship that you should definitely be inspired. Check it out! Eiko Ojala is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tallinn, Estonia. You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his stunning work.

Editorial Design: Hello Mr. Magazine

We are featuring an editorial design project from the Hello Mr. who is a community of men who date men who share thoughts and conversations about interests, hopes and fears. Since their launch back in 2012, they have gathered interests from people all around the world. Published twice a year, they are back on Kickstarter to introduce a new artist residency for the creators of tomorrow. It's called: The Issues.

Editorial & Graphic Design: Everyone, El Salvador

The mighty folks from Toronto-based Underline Studio have partnered with the Salvadoran human rights organization, Asociación Pro-Búsqueda. To create and design a special edition newspaper that highlights the atrocities of El Salvador's civil war through art, poetry and action. Their goal is to spread awareness and promote their cause. You should definitely check out their Kickstarter and give them your support.

Editorial Design: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks

Happy Friday guys! We are sharing a culinary book that is everything except being conventional. Let me explain, the folks at Juicy Square did an incredible job at editorial design to express the passion for food through the pages of the book entitled: Play, Cook, Kiss: Culinary Tricks. The title says it all, the design is playful and does a play on the material too. Something we have rarely seen in this part of the industry. Mixing different mediums from sketching, typography, images and graphic design; this book is certainty a gem.

An Editorial School Project: Xplore Newsletter

Nothing to start off your Weekend with an editorial project made by a graphic design student. The project is called: Xplore Newsletter and it has been designed by Parmuditho Wahyudhana. Remove the fact that I loved his choice of subject which was the city of Tokyo but I enjoyed his treatment on the layout with different shapes into the grid to make everything messy and unique at the same time. I also enjoyed his direction on the pictures with a psychedelic approach that gives you an impression of Japan from the 60s, beautiful work Parmuditho!

Editorial Design: Save the Children

I am one of those believers that believe that design can change the world by its purpose and its reasons. We do what we do for what we believe is worth fighting. We are able to create things that can drag emotions, thinking and more. Let’s take a closer at this editorial design by Mother Design for Save the Children. As I quote: “..creating an opportunity to engage with the people behind them”.

Branding - Memória Audiovisual Mineira

The project Memória Audiovisual Mineira is a research project focused to recover and preserve the precious cinematographic work done in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Each issue will feature a character that was important in the development of this movie culture. They will explore their work, peculiarities and career. The brand work that Beto Nunes created illustrates that elegantly well. The symbol create is such a smart exploration of the initials MAM, using simple lines Beto achieve an incredible result.

Cover Design by Ray Oranges

We are getting to the end of another year, and among several posts we published on this blog there are some that stand out. Usually it's the post that was just published :) - just joking, but not completely because the images we are sharing in this post are quite inspiring. Ray Oranges, a designer and illustrator from Florence, Italy shared a project on his Behance profile that has truly beautiful vector illustrations, playing with negative space and geometric lines. The work is a series of illustration covers for Norme & Tributi MESE_Il Sole 24 Ore.

Editorial Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

Playing with our imagination and how we can fool our brain with simple play of light, shadow and depth is one of the things that fascinates the most when it comes to visual design and graphic design. The work that Eiko Ojala shared today is a great example of beautiful editorial illustrations communicating a message through simple ideas and of course, playing with our brain. For more information about Eiko, check out http://www.ploom.tv/

Editorial Design Inspiration: Makeshift Magazine

Makeshift is part of a new breed of magazines passionate about their content, form, and community. The design is simply beautifully put together by Spanish designers Gema Navarro and Santos Henarejos. Enjoy! For more from Gema Navarro visit behance.net/gemanavarro and Santos Henarejos visit behance.net/santsserif.

Editorial Illustrations by Jim Tsinganos

Jim Tsinganos is an illustrator from Sydney, Australia who specializes in editorial illustrations. In this post we'll show some of his work done for Money Magazine along with others. Enjoy! For more from Jim Tsinganos visit tsinganos.com and behance.net/tsinganos. ePayments Code - Money Magazine

Grid Design References

For the past few weekends I have been playing with some new ideas for the Abduzeedo layout. Checking stats, analyzing what other sites do in terms of organizing large amount of content and heavily visual. One of the references I have been trying to use is newspaper grid systems. Below I selected some references I have in my mood board.

Editorial Design Inspiration: 99U Quarterly Mag

In this editorial inspiration we'll take a close look at the 99U Quarterly Magazine Issue No. 3. A print publication offering our best creative insights packaged in a beautifully designed pixel-free format. Enjoy! At 99U, we recognize that reading about idea execution online is a catch-22: the web browser isn’t always the ideal environment to lean back and shun the emails and notifications that distract us in our day-to-day.

Teenage Wasteland Illustrations

Goni Montes shared some really cool illustrations on his Behance profile, the title of the project is Teenage Wasteland. I love how he illustrated some iconic situations that mostly every teenager go through. The style of the illustrations also are just beautiful, with muted tones combines with saturated accent colors. For more information about Goni, check out his website at http://www.goniart.com/

Editorial Design Inspiration: Saude Magazine

Saude Magazine is a Healthy Magazine from Brazil and has an amazing mix of food photography, grid layout, and typography for you to enjoy. Take a look and pick some ideas that you can use on your next editorial adventure. Designed by Fernanda Didini, for more visit behance.net/fdidini and fdidini.com.

Editorial Illustrations by Maria Corte

Maria Corte is a spanish illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. Even though these are her personal project illustrations, it carries a heavy editorial style to it because of all the meaning behind each piece. Check them out! For more from Maria Corte visit mariacorte.com and behance.net/mariacorte.

Editorial Design Inspiration: Watermag Surfnews

Watermag is a school assignment by design student Bjarke Nøhr Kristensen from Denmark. He chose to redesign the danish surf magazine Watermag surfnews and his work was great. Check it out! For more from Bjarke Nøhr Kristensen visit behance.net/BjarkeKristensen.

Editorial Design Inspiration: Iceberg Newspaper

Iceberg is a beautiful black and white publication designed by Socio Design in London. This quarterly newspaper is produced for KAE, a marketing consultancy in London. Enjoy this awesome publication, take a close look at their grid, image placement, and typography. For more from Socio Design visit sociodesign.co.uk and behance.net/SocioDesign.

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