Aerial Photography Love: Carrara Marble Mines by Bernhard Lang

We're thrilled to share these stunning aerial shots of the famed Italian Carrara Marble mines by Munich Germany-based photographer Bernhard Lang. At first glance, your eyes may lean towards a more futuristic subject rather than the creamy white stone that dates back to the Roman Empire. The prized Carrara Marble mines are located in you guessed it, a city named Carrara in Italy's Apuan Alps in Northern Tuscany where more marble has been produced than any other place on earth.

Cool Futuristic Weapon Designs

One of the coolest things about science fiction is weapon design. Along the years we've seen some pretty badass weapons, like the flamethrower Ripley used in Alien, or even the classic pistol used by Deckard in Blade Runner. I've searched for some cool concepts of futuristic weapons to show you. These were done by some very creative designers. I'd love to use them in some FPS, like Destiny. For more of their work, all you have to do is to click each image. Also, tell us which is your favorite design! Mine is definitely the "Sci-fi rifle" design by Lei Guo.

Futuristic Art Concepts by Minovo Wang

We've seen some pretty dope examples of futuristic military in movies like District 9 and yet-to-open Chappie. Some super amazing armors, guns and gear, in a vision of a future where technology is super advanced and warfare has evolved. Minovo Wang, a Chinese concept artist comes up with his own vision of futuristic warfare, and it's super badass. Here you can see some of his artworks. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at ArtStation. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Topnotch Futuristic Cities Illustrations

We've seen a lot of medieval fantasy illustrations here at Abduzeedo, but one other kind of awesome fantasy illustration I like is futuristic! It's awesome to see the many ideas of future that artists come up with... huge technological cities, filled with ultra-high buildings and flying cars, some looking very friendly, others looking oppressive. Here you can see pieces by many great artists. Their visions are simply amazing and for more of their work, please visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image.

Futuristic Digital Illustrations

This is an awesome collection of futuristic digital illustrations from designer Kervin Brisseaux. Very good use of colors and shine lights making you feel like a part of the future. Enjoy! For more from Kervin Brisseaux visit behance.net/brisseaux.

Retro Futuristic Illustrations

These awesome Retro Futuristic Illustrations are done by Nathan Schroeder. A mix of geometric shapes and photography with a nostalgia feel that makes it retro but at the same time it seems like something from the future, needless to say I love the style. Check it out! For more from Nathan Schroeder visit cargocollective.com/nthn and flickr.com/photos/nthns/.

Futuristic Digital Art Project

Do You Remember When This World Was Ours? is a digital art project by Justin Mezzell where he creates a graphical narrative of the fiction worlds he imagined. Each movement is represented by an awesome image fro you to enjoy.

Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Giampaolo Miraglia

Giampaolo Miraglia is a designer from Rome, Italy. His work is an amazing mix of Cinema 4D, Photoshop Cs4, Poser, Illustrator Cs4, Realflow, and a lot of creativity. The result is pure awesomeness in a Retro Futuristic flavor. Enjoy!

Retro Futuristic Illustrations by Hypnosky

Fill Ryabchikov aka Hypnosky is a young self-taught graphic design from Russia with an amazing retro futuristic style. His work has a lot of light effects and a strong retro feel to it along with some features from the future. Enjoy!

20 Futuristic 3d Scenes

It's very hard to imagine how our cities and landscapes will look in the future, but on this post you can get a taste of what may be coming in a long future. There artists have enough imaginations and skills to create their own view of the future.

The Magical Futuristic Concepts of Philip Straub

It was a stumble and a half when I found Philip Straub and his insane portfolio full of amazing digital painting, illustrations, and some of the best futuristic concepts I've ever seen. His work is definitely magical and it's great inspiration.

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