Freebie: A collection of mesh gradients by LS Graphics

Again, the awesome folks from Lstore Graphics have been pulling together another rad freebie that we would love to share on ABDZ. For those who don't know about Lstore Graphics, they are amazing at handcrafting goodies us designers with premium quality goods for presentations, mockups and so forth. Today they are sharing a collection of 100 free mesh gradients coming in formats like Sketch, AI (Adobe Illustrator), .eps, .jpg and .png. Check it out!

Gradient Exploration with Radial Series

Let's kickstart this week with a series of gradient exploration by Yuliya Shumilina, a Miami-based designer. I love these! If you remove the factor of the colour palette, I just liked how each pieces create an atmosphere with the shapes, shadows and lighting. Especially the lighting, it's just gradients but it does have a sense of depth across. This can definitely go into abstract art, what do you guys think?

Case Study: Gradients in Illustrator

Let's kick-off the week with a case study by Evgeniya Righini-Brand about gradients. Not only that but they are only made in Adobe Illustrator. We are covering her experiment that she did for her Mastering Gradients in Illustrator class on Skillshare. It is such a lovely case study that we dearly love on Abduzeedo, please note that her experiments took from 30 minutes to an hour. It's all possible when you are willing; check it out!

Useful Design Tool:

Tools, I think we are having the luxury of a huge range of variety of tools to increase your productivity in your workflow as a designer and even as a developer. With having a huge quantity of tools, it’s hard to handpicked which one could work best for you but to actually try them. Here’s a starter if you’re into having a handy and useful design tool and palette of gradients, meet

Logo Design: Gradients

We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured logos made out of polygons and today we're featuring logos with gradients! Every week we search through our favorite galleries: Logopond and Dribbble. Both are a great communities for designers everywhere.

App Review: Gradient by Jumpzero

Today I wanna share a review about an app I tried a couple days ago and I truly enjoyed it. It's the Gradient App from Jumpzero, the app is the opportunity to create gradients for web browsers. It's a really good app for the web designers and also for designers that wants a useful colour app at hand. All rights reserved to

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