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Great Vintage Advertising and Propaganda

Since we're having some cool posts on modern vintage, I thought "why not real vintage"? Vintage ads and propaganda are a true inspiration for every designer, on how they used to set typography, and many other elements through the canvas. So here's some great examples of vintage adversiting and propaganda. Mainly from the beggining of the last century, these are still really fresh. And for me, what's the most incredible, is the fact that these have been really inspiring people almost 100 years later. That's the power of good design: it is timeless. I hope you enjoy these, and if you got any piece inspired in vintage advertising and propaganda, drop the link in the comments section. Cheers! ;)

Design Legends #2: Joshua Davis

Following our series of Design Legends, our next featured artist is the great Joshua Davis. It's impossible to talk about modern graphic design using computers without mentioning his name and everything he has done creating scripts and apps to generate patterns and elements that became Joshua's superb work. A proficient illustrator and painter with a passion for technology, Davis’ work brought an entirely new dimension to art. Utilizing randomization in controlled environments, or Chaos Theory, Davis established a new and unique perspective on visual communication and creative expression, pioneering an area previously unexplored in graphic design. In January 2001, as part of issue #100 of, Davis posted an autobiography — a revealing look on his personal life in the New York City art/club scene in the early 1990s, his drug addiction, and his ability to overcome it to pursue his goal of being a full-time artist. Davis wrote that once he left the club scene, he aspired to be a writer and illustrator of children's books. It was at the Pratt Institute that Davis began to delve into writing HTML, working under Thomas Noller in 1995. Soon after, he began to experiment with Macromedia Flash and its early scripting language, and further with ActionScript programming. Joshua Davis' work became a major influence in graphic and web design in the "Y2K" era of the Internet’s dot-com explosion. Davis himself was distinguished from other web designers by his many tattoos, leading to his reputation as being a web design "rockstar" — a label he dismisses. From 1998 to 2001, he worked with the web production company Kioken. When Kioken folded, Davis became an independent web designer and artist, touring the world to speak at various graphic design conferences, such as SIGGRAPH, Flash Forward, BD4D, OFFF, Graphika Manila and others. In 2003, he was asked by Tool's Adam Jones to take over their websites. The band's official site was replaced by an intro page designed by Davis, but has been changed. In 2002 he teamed up with developer Branden Hall to form The Department of Notation Studios, a media development studio. The company was disbanded in 2006 when Hall left to form Automata Studios Ltd. with fellow developer Keenan Keeling. Despite the separation Davis and Hall continue to collaborate on various projects. As of 2007, Davis lives in New York with his wife and daughter. He is a professor at New York’s School of Visual Arts, runs his own design studio, and continues to lecture and lead workshops in design conferences. Wikipedia Joshua Davis' work has influenced a lot of great digital artists such as Guilherme Marconi, James White and many others. He is a name that is always remembered when we interview new designers and this article is just to show you a little bit of his work. For more information visit Joshua's website at Videos Images iPhone App Reflect by Joshua Davis from Erik Attkisson on Vimeo.

Super Inspiration from Studio NUFABRIC

I came across the portfolio of Studio Nufabric, a design studio from Bulgaria with a small crew of three very talented people; Dimo Trifonov, Kaloian Toshev, Nikolay Vanchev. Their work vary from posters, mixed media, illustrations and much more, check it out! Nufabric is an alternative point of view, that allows for ambiguity & mystery.Nufabric is a turn away from our traditional role of graphic designers. In Nufabric we find a way to use our skills and vision to create graphic work that no longer conforms of the purely commercial view of graphic design. For more visit

The Extraordinary Work of Marko Bizarro

Photography is much more than taking a camera and snapping some photos. It gotta have art direction, understanding of illumination and of course, the whole post process involved in this equation that will make a photo really stand out. Mark Bizarro from Quito, Ecuador, shows us that he does have all those skills and also a lot of creativity that certainly make his work extraordinary. For more information visit Marko's Flickr page at

Impressive Work of Julien De Repentigny

Julien De Repentigny is a graphic artist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada with a really impressive portfolio. Among digital arts he has some amazing 3D typography using paper, acriylic and neon. You can find out more about his work at his Behance profile or website at I am into graphic design, set design and 3 dimension typography, my work is base with neon lights acrylic and paper

The Fantastic Work of OmeN2501

OmeN2501, actually called Marek Okon, lives in Lublin, Poland, has 28 years old and an amazing talent! He started his graphic adventures in advertising and some years ago decided to do some more serious digital painting. Right now he is doing mostly book covers and concepts for various publishers and game studious. Marek really likes to mix Sci-fi and Fantasy to produce his pieces, and he is doing that in every possible opportunity. You will be able to see here that his work is just awesome!! We got to know OmeN2501's work through one of our readers, Mateo (mateo85), who suggested it for the Daily Inspiration #219 and also gave us the e-mail to contact the artist. I got very impressed by Marek's work and find some of the pieces really breath taking since they give you the sensation that the scene is really happening and that you are part of it. The realism, composition and details of his work are very eye catching and fantastic. So enjoy the selection featured here and also check out more about OmeN2501 and his work at deviantART and CG Society. So now, sit back and enjoy!!

Creative Process of Maxime's Quoilin Final Year Project

Maxime Quoilin is a 21 years old that will soon be graduated Computer Graphic Designer. He is from Belgium and although he is pretty new to the game (as his own words), for this last year he has increased even more his design interest. He really likes digital design and wants to end up doing advertising posters since that's what he likes most. To graduate, Maxime had to work on a big project where he created a fictive energy drink brand. He presented the project this week and we will show it here to you. I first bumped into Maxine's piece when searching for my daily inspiration images, and I actually mentioned his work at our Daily Inspiration #220. And 2 days after I mentioned the piece he contact us to post the image as an inspiration, so I told him that I had already publish it and ask if he agreed on showing us the whole process of the work since the piece was so nice. Maxime agreed and here we are, showing you the creative process of his final year project. Make sure to check out Maxime's portfolio at Behance. I also would like to thank Maxime for his attention and kindness during the process of putting this post together. Enjoy! So, I present Maxime's work and words! First of all, let me explain that we were free to do pretty much whatever we wanted as a final year project. Friends of mine made the whole design of a fictive music festival, a magazine or even some kind of basketball event. For my part, I decided to create an energy drink because it allowed me to work on various domains such as branding, creating a corporate identity, packaging, or even creating advertising posters. I’m going to try to summarize my reasoning as much as possible. So I wanted to create something rather fresh, rather new and with a clean image. I wanted to avoid several clichés associated to energy drink brands such as an aggressive image (bulls, monster claw, etc) or a not-so-healthy image. I’m not a chemistry master but I was thinking about something without taurine or guarana. Therefore, I was going to use some guidelines for the logo and the entire stationery or advertising job. I used the blue color (color of harmony and trust, but that also symbolizes the water and the freshness) and the white color (color of cleanliness and purity). The drink is still an energy drink, so I still had to give an image of power. I did that by using a certain amount of simplicity, to give a clear message without any distractions, a quiet strength. I also displayed that image of power in the advertising posters. So, it was very important to me to play with that duality in all my design. I used a contrast between purity and strength. I’m not really studying marketing, but 65% of energy drink users are below 35 years old, so I thought I should target these 65 percents, of course, but also the remaining 35 percents, more adult and more conscious about the health issues. That’s why a duality between strength and health was so important. As for the name, I went in a Latin dictionary, and I found the word “valens” which means strength and healthiness, no need to say it suited perfectly my product. I added the tag-line “powerful water” to target a little more my product. Since it’s “new”, I thought it was needed. Now, let’s look at the logo. I tried to totally skip the aggressive image most energy drinks logo use. The idea was to use a representative element of the water, and to give it a more subtle and more dynamic look. A droplet was the most obvious water representation I could think of. Then, I applied a trend called VariDot, which consists into using multiple dots of different sizes or color, to form a whole. This trend gives an artistic (and thus intriguing) dimension to the logo. The general size of the dots increases with the sense of reading, which implies a certain amount of dynamism. The size still varies a lot, it’s pretty random, which represents some kind of nervousness (even if I tried to give a healthy image, the product still was an energy drink). I applied 3 different blue colors to the pictogram. The font is ITC Avant Garde, which is a simple and readable fond, used by Adidas, notably. The can, the packaging and the paper bag use the same design rules. A strong simplicity, almost minimalistic, to represent a clean image, without any distraction. I think that this minimalism also gives a more luxurious image to the brand. The stationeries, the advertising products and the identity guidelines document use these rules again. A strong simplicity, some small characters to focus on the space and the cleanliness, contrasted with a strong blue, putting in evidence the logo or the final product. Being a huge fan of Peter Jaworowski’s work ( ) I tried to apply what I love so much in his advertising posters, the way he uses visual elements to give such a strong image to the product or the brand he works with. When I applied this idea to my product, I tried to think about what concepts, what image I wanted to display. The final product, the can, is the centre piece of the creation. It fades into water, and you can see a surfer, sharks and fishes, coming out of it. The idea was to represent healthiness (the surfer, the sport, the water), strength (the surfer again, the sharks, the dynamic water) and a touch of luxury (exotic fishes). I added a few details such as a lighter blue gradient, to add some depth, some drop shadows so the can doesn’t just “fly” in the poster, or even the packshot. The packshot is made of the logo. I thought it wasn’t useful to add the can, since it’s the main piece of the poster anyway. What’s nice with this ad is that you can change the elements to have a different atmosphere, a slightly different image. I illustrated that fact with a yacht in the “sea”. I think I’m done with the general summary of my project. I’m still a student, so maybe this doesn’t reach a professional level and my explanations might not be fully relevant for everyone. But I surely learned an amazing lot, doing this project. You can also see the full project here:

Fantastic Ginger Monkey's New Work

Tom Lane is the designer behing Ginger Monkey. We have already interviewed him here on Abduzeedo and also feature one of his amazing works, the Compass, as the Wallpaper of the Week. However, Tom has just released a new version of Ginger Monkey site with some new and incredible pieces that are definitely worth checking them out. Ginger Monkey creates and crafts designs that bring businesses and brands to life. Tom Lane, the multi-disciplined, fiery headed anthropoid at the helm does more than devise exquisite and inspirational designs - he evolves reputations. With a portfolio that bursts with creativity Ginger Monkey has attracted an international client list that includes, Sony Ericsson, Coca-Cola, Miller Beer, Mercedes, BT, Iris, Ignited and Clarks. His skills, peerless passion and professionalism has contributed to a continual flow of recognition from the design press and you will see the inimitable designs of Ginger Monkey adorn the pages of numerous illustration and design books this coming year. For more information go to Ginger Monkey website at Some works

Introducing: Kofi Ansah's Work

Kofi Ansah, aka DG (degodson), is a 20 year old Undergraduate Student from the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, located in Chislehurst, Kent, UK. He is taking the Computer 3D Animation course after finishing a 2 year Digital Media course in London. DG is originally from Ghana - Africa place he left in a very young age to go to Milan - Italy with his family. Since his 15 years old he is living in the UK to continue his studies. Since the day that some friends introduced him to deviantART back in 2007, DG started his interest in graphic and digital design. So for the last 2 years he is designing his own pieces: image manipulations, vectors, illustration and is also learning and developing his 2D and 3D acknowledgments. DG is one of our abduzeedo's readers and it is someone that despite of the young age has talent and for sure will succeed in his career. So I would like to introduce his work to you... Find more about Kofi Ansah and his work online at: Personal Website deviantART With this post we start a series that will present to you some new artists and their work. So if you have someone you would like to see here, let us know. Enjoy! :)

Amazing One Element Logos

Probably one of the best ways to be successful with a new logo is to really think it through. Making anything, just to get rid of it won't make you a good designer. You might think you gotta go with the standard logo: graphical element + logotype, but you don't have to, actually. A logo is a graphical element (ideogram, symbol, emblem, icon, sign) that, together with its logotype (a uniquely set and arranged typeface) form a trademark or commercial brand. That said, one element logos are the ones that got one or another. These are some great exemples of successful logos that achieved their objective by solving their problems with creativity. It's not necessary to have an icon supporting your logotype... or a logotype supporting your icon. If you find the right balance in a single element, then most likely you're good to go! So, here are some amazing one element logos that I collected from amazing Logopond. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers!

Illustration & Graphic Design by Scott Pollard

This is another post from one of our readers work! This time we will present the great work of Scott Pollard. Scott has 27 years old, is a designer and illustrator based in the UK and has around 5 years of experience in the industry. At college he took fine arts and communication along with photography, and to keep evolving his work and acknowledgment he specialized in photography and web design. Besides being very talented Scott is also very kind and for sure is a really passionate and enthusiastic designer as you can check by his own words below. It all first started with music and myspace. I began creating identities for bands and they became my audience along with their fans. Along side this I was developing my graphic design and illustration which was also being shown on my website. I have always looked at design in a intriguing way and always wanted to understand the way people think. The exploration of this process naturally took me into branding and thats where I am now. I have studied a lot over the years and I feel that it has all come together to form a solid foundation of how I approach design. I do not see design as a job, yes it pays the bills, however my life is fully immersed in many aspects of design and communication. I constantly feel the urge to communicate my work and I strive to discover new and different ways to get my message out. Sometimes it might be on a pair of trainers or a big doodle on some card and then I publish it on to the internet for everyone to see. I have always felt that a designer should be massively proactive, open to understanding new things and strive to communicate to the world in many different ways. Oh and love every minute of it! To check out more pieces from Scott go to his Portfolio and also to his Behance Profile. As for me, I really liked his work and his words. :) So, enjoy it!

Really Cool Illustrations by Richard Perez

I was surfing the web this weekend when I found my college's creative club blog: Caixola. Creativity and inspiration does not have boundaries, and those guy make a really good job in the club and in the blog. They posted about an awesome illustrator called Richard Perez, whose works are really cool! Californian, Perez got his work inspired by those old album covers and film posters, which is some awesome inspiration. Taking a look at this work, it does feel somewhat vintage, and that's pretty much why I find this guys one hell of an illustrator. Anyways, hope you guys like these! For more, please visit this portfolio at Skinny Ships. Cheers! ;)

Impressive Experimental Work of DIFTNORM(tm)

Alexander Otto is a very talented young and self-taught Graphic Designer/Illustrator from Frankfurt, Germany. He is currently working as Designer at Syzygy Group Frankfurt for big brands in rich media. But also freelancing behind DIFTNORM(tm), a personal experimental showcase with some really cool pieces with a sort of surrealism feel in them. Furthermore Alex is member of the Keystone Design Union, world largest privately held, global creative collective. Website :

Really Cool Graphic Design Inspiration by Doug Alves

Doug Alves is a self-thought designer from Brazil, but now he is living in Los Angeles. We have mentioned about him in some Daily Inspiaration articles, but his work is so cool that a full feature article all about him wouldn't be enough, let's give it a try though. Below you can see some of his works. You can find out more about Doug Alves at some of his sites: Behance -

Mixtape! Outstanding Evoke Exhibition

Evoke has released their twentieth exibition, the Mixtape! The theme was music and the images are simply fantastic. We highly recommend that you check it out. It is my great and distinct pleasure to announce Evoke’s momentous twentieth release, Mixtape! Arguably one of the most challenging themes chosen by our artists, Mixtape presented many trials to Evokers early on; as is always the case, everyone came through, producing another mind blowing exhibition of seventy solo works, collaborations, and exclusive music tracks. A music centered release, Mixtape required Evokers to approach their traditional processes of producing art from a different angle. Many chose to use this theme very literally, basing works off of songs or music equipment, while others chose to remix their own works. The audio section is stellar in Mixtape as Keith Alban (brainst0rm) really shined in his Evoke debut creating many professional remixes of popular songs for this release! Big props to James Merill, aka dshPls, our featured artist for this release! James has been with Evoke from the very beginning, progressing through the ranks and still cranking out some of the most stylish and innovative works the group has seen! Be sure to check out an exclusive interview with him. If you’re still reading this, you’re missing out. Go and check out our historic, epic, and overall extremely fantastic 20th exhibition! On behalf of the Evoke team, Ted David Yavuzkurt aka Revenant Prime Evoke Site Director Some images For more information and of course to check out all the images visit

The Digital Work of ED Batista

For us here at Abduzeedo is a real treat when awesome designers send us their portfolios for us to take a look at it. We get to see many works that probably most people didn't see before, and we get the chance to share these with the world. One of these designers is ED Batista, a Brazilian self-taught graphic designer, illustrator and art director. For the last year he's been working in the various creative fields of graphic, print, editorial, advertising clients, web and motion design. Check this ED's works here, and of course, give him a little love by commenting! I'm sure he'll love your thoughts. You may visit his portfolio at Artz Juzt Du. Hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Amazing Graphic Design Inspiration by Adrien DONOT

We have already featured quite a few images from Adrien DONOT and because of that we wanted to feature him with a full post. Adrien is a digital artist from Paris, France, and he has some amazing images mixing all sorts of effects, like spray splatters with photography. For more information visit one of Adrien's sites: - Buy his posters