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Introducing Gregg Gordon (Gigart) + Giveaway

Introducing Gregg Gordon (Gigart) + Giveaway (Winner)

Everyone loves gig posters, as video clips, they give the visual to bands and even define their image as a product. I've found the art of Gregg Gordon thru several gig poster websites and I gotta say this guy got talent. Here I posted just a piece of his works, but I recommend you guys to see more. You can see more from Gregg at the following links: Gigart Website Facebook Twitter Gigart Store Etsy Store Pinterest Maroon 5 CD cover: SF Bay Guardian covers: Coors package: Art Prints: Gig Posters: Giveaway (Winner) The winner with best comment selected by Gregg Gordon was bschiphorst with the title "Raw Venom". Please send a e-mail to marcostorres90[at] to get your poster. Thanks everyone who participated, you can see more Gigart posters at the Gigart Store