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Amazing Hello Kitty Collection by Joseph Senior

This is a completely unexpected theme for me, but it came out so good I just had to post it. Illustrator Joseph Senior came up with tons of different Hello Kitty designs inspired by pop culture. Amazing. Joseph, illustrator based in New Zealand, takes his Hello Kitty seriously. And it's funny because it's seriously cool. These are only a handful of his collection. I totally recommend you to check his flickrstream to see the whole deal. There are some fantastic designs there, like Darth Vader and Hit Girl. Go check it out. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers! ;) Hello Raphael Hello Donatello Hello Michelangelo Hello Leonardo Hello Loki Hello Thor Hello Green Lantern Hello Dark Knight Hello Buster Kitty Hello Comedian Hello Rorschach Hello Night Owl Hello Silk Spectre Hello Dr Manhattan Hello KISSy GENE Hello Optimus Hello TRON 2010 Hello Daft Punk GUY Hello Daft Punk THOMAS Hello Boba Kitty Hello c3po Hello Storm Kitty Hello BuzzKitty Hello Gundam Hello Clockwork Orange Kitty