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Beautiful Character Design by Giulio Rossi

Beautiful Character Design by Giulio Rossi

I bumped into the impressive characters designed by Giulio Rossi while browsing Society6's beautiful art prints section. His work stood out and really got my attention. His characters are stylish, unique, sexy and really beautiful. They take you to a parallel universe and you start wondering what is the story behind them. I will show only a few of his inspiring artworks here, so make sure to check out Giulio's profile at Behance and also stop by his page at Society6 and Facebook. Enjoy! Hi! I'm Giulio Rossi born in L'Aquila in 1983. My passion is art, ever since I was a child, I was attracted to this field. I'm a self-taught artist exploring different techniques from acrylic paintings to ink and chalks drawings. My favorite subjects are landscapes and portraits. Recently I started drawing with a digitizing tablet and I discoverd a whole world to express my creativity and to improve my artistic skills. That's how I decided to be an illustrator! Where to find Giulio Rossi: Behance Society6 Facebook Personal Site

The Enigmatic Universe of Cezar Berje

Cezar Berje is one of the most prolific and peculiar illustrator I've seen lately. This young artist got a great influence by 80's skate culture, punk rock, metal bands and obscure themes such as black magic. I think the mix of all these elements are represented in a really unique way thru his body of work, a complete universe created by him. Nowadays Cezar lives in São Paulo and study Graphic Design at Belas Artes. If you want to know more about Cezar Berje, please access his Flickr or his Cargo Profile.

The Beautiful and Creative Art of Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas, aka jeftoon01 at deviantART, is a very talented and creative character designer/story artist. His Twisted Princess and also The Witch Files series are really awesome. His style and creativity are really worth to check out! One of our readers, Leonardo Guimaraes, suggested Jeffrey's work for a post and he was totally right, his pieces are beautiful and creative. Jeffrey showed us a total different side of the Disney's Princess and I just loved their 'twisted side'. We will show here a seletion from Jeffrey's work and we highly recommend you to check out his deviantART page or his portfolio for further images! Enjoy... :) Twisted Princess The Witch Files Trinity Mr. and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Sith Lord Ventress Red: BLOOD For the Fallen

The Stunning Work of Chris McVeigh

Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator and photographer that lives in Halifax, NS. He started with photography in 2007 when a friend insisted that he should purchase a digital SRL. Chris is a natural talent! He now excels at creating clever, quirky and often comical pictures that employ everything from action figures to backyard wildlife. (In fact, a combination of the two garnered the attention of Lucasfilm, who featured his picture on the front page of!) I bumped into his work when I was doing my regular research for our Daily Inspiration post. Let me say that I was not only inspired by his work but I also got stunned by it. He has soooo many great works that I would like to show here that I decided to split his material into 2 posts. This first one will be about his excellent "toys photos". Chris captures the characters in a very interesting, comical, expressive and creative way. I'm pretty sure you will like all these images... I loved it!! :) Find more about Chris McVeigh and his work online at: Personal Website Flickr Page Flickr Page for Picture Setups Enjoy!

50 Best T-Shirt Designs of 2008

Everybody loves a t-shirt, and not only a plain tee, it gotta have a design to it, a lot of colors, black and white, no matter what you like you will find a lot of options because here is a selection of the 50 best designs of 2008,check it out and enjoy. The 2008 best t-shirt designs are provided by