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Surfing FFFFOUND's Suggestions

So you don't have a FFFFOUND account? Me neither. But that really don't stop me from browsing their galleries looking for inspiration and great works. One of the things that FFFFOUND offers that can really help 'ordinary readers such as us' is their suggestions, the 'you may like these images' part. You can choose your start point and browse some awesome suggestions! This is exactly what I did here! Got a start point (a first image) and browsed around their suggestions. And by the way, the suggestions were pretty good. The result was really cool, check it out and enjoy the images. :)

Daily Inspiration #1

Today we will start a new series of posts called Daily Inspiration. The idea is share with you some of the images that really inspire us each day. If you want to participate, just send us, via email, an image with the link from where you found it. Also you will need to send us your username on Abduzeedo. Aloa Cameron Fabiano Fabio Paulo