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Delicious Recipes Infographics

Delicious Recipes Infographics

Everyone enjoys a good infographic. Everyone loves a good recipe. Mix those two and you're about to see some delicious infographics, like these by Jing Zhang. She's a super talented artist who comes up with fantastic pieces like these! We've seen Jing's work a few times here at Abduzeedo, and we'll keep it coming, because it's just way too good and creative! For more of her artworks and neat infographics, please, visit her portfolio at Behance! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers! ;) American Burger Pepperoni pizza Ramen Siu mai

The Best American Infographics 2013

The Best American Infographics 2013

The book suggestion of this week is about infographics. The title of the book is The Best American Infographics 2013 by Gareth Cook and David Byrne. The Best American Infographics captures the finest examples from the past year, including the ten best interactive infographics, of this mesmerizing new way of seeing and understanding our world. The rise of infographics across virtually all print and electronic media—from a striking breakdown of classic cocktails to a graphic tracking 200 influential moments that changed the world to visually arresting depictions of Twitter traffic—reveals patterns in our lives and our world in fresh and surprising ways. In the era of big data, where information moves faster than ever, infographics provide us with quick, often influential bursts of art and knowledge—on the environment, politics, social issues, health, sports, arts and culture, and more—to digest, to tweet, to share, to go viral. - Amazon Buy it now!

Super Creative Infographics by Column Five

During my daily research for great works, I got to find some sweet infographics done by Column Five, a creative agency from Newport Beach, California. These are awesome and pretty well designed. They have done dozens of great pieces for clients such as Esquire, MySpace, Playstation and many others. These are only a few for their super creative work, and for more of it, you gotta check out their website! It's worth the visit. I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Cool Infographic Designs

Infographics are really cool when they're well done, and the design makes it cool and interesting to check out the information the graphics are trying to deliver. In this selection you will see some really awesome infographics in different topics created by Rajkaml Aich. Enjoy! Click Here to View More

Movies Infographics Collection

Illustrators have been doing a great job with infographics, and these are getting cooler these days. There are tons of awesome pieces all over the internet, but the ones I like the best are the movies ones. There are more than one category of movie infographic. There are trilogy meters, random facts, size charts and timelines (if I'm messing any, please, tell us). Here's my section on each of those categories... these are some amazing examples! If you know any more cool infographics, drop us a link. I hope you all enjoy these. Cheers! Click the images for a larger view. Trilogy Meter #1 Trilogy Meter #2 Kill Bill Facts Mega Shark vs. Giant octopus Facts Pixar characters size chart Monsters size chart Futuristic movies timeline Pulp Fiction timeline LOTR, Star Wars and other timelines Inception timeline Star Wars Influence Map Star Wars Influence Map Infographics: Time Travel in Movies & TV (Good)

Video of the Week #45

Some time ago we had a post featuring some beautiful infographics. There was a bunch of great data visualization settings, which I find awesome. Today, I've found a very clever infographic video. Made for a class project by Tomas Nilsson, this video features the classic Little Red Riding Hood story. And it's all about information, what makes it a totally cool video, which I know you'll love. That said, enjoy! ;)

The Beauty of Infographics and Data Visualization

Here in Brazil there's a magazine called "Super Interessante" (which had an Abduzeedo cover a little time ago), that always features some really cool infographics. This is a field that if you make things right, you got yourself inside a great niche. Yesterday I went through a whole bunch of sites dedicated to the subject, which took me complety by surprise, because I dind't know that there were sites only about infographics and data visualization. I really loved it, and made a little post with some links to awesome pieces of this art. Yes, it is a true art. I hope you enjoy these, and that it will inspire you somehow. Cheers! ;) The Largest Bankruptcies in History Where Are All the Fish? Who is Coming to America? Measuring Obama's First 100 Days Who Is Playing Sports? There Are Drugs In Your Water Capital Gains Seeking Refuge On Words Marches on Washington Vampire Energy Newsmap What does randomness look like? The Glocal Project Visualizing the Genome, Among other things Power Plant and more Google PageRank Explained How Much Water Do You Use? British Timeline Casualities of War The Sputnik Legacy 21 Ways to Visualize and Explore Your Email Inbox 17 Ways to Visualize the Twitter Universe Skyrails