Quick tip: Make a Worm on Illustrator

Hi everyone, today I'm going to show you some quick tips on how to make a simple but effective vector illustration inspired on the classic video game, Worms. If you are from the 80's or 90's you probably heard of it or had the chance to play it, it is "the predecessor of Angry Birds" in the words of my mate Mike Austin. On this quick tip I will have a more tradicional illustration approach, focusing less on tools and more on drawing and logic, hope you guys appreciate it and show your version on the comments, have a good time.

Hand-lettering typography by Jon Contino

In a era where most of the typography is digital made, hand-lettering can give a hell of a charming to a design. So it is the work of Jon Contino, some may call it retro, I just think it's quite stylish and remarkable. If you want to know more about Jon and his artworks, please access his Personal Website.

Tips on taking your project from the paper to the wall

Sometime ago, before I got interested in street art and other tradicional medias, I was walking thru a street and stumbled with a graffiti artist painting a huge mural. I asked him how he could scale from such small drawing to a big wall like that, he said that this was due his experience and nothing more.

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