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Get you art on Laptop Skins and iPhone Covers

First there was for crowd-sourced art for T-Shirts... now there is for crowd-sourced art for the rest of your life! It's a very cool site where any artist can submit art for people to buy to decorate their laptop, iPhone, car, or wall. They just started accepting photography, so I thought I would submit a few from Here are some samples beneath with links to the site. Besides these, you will see many other good submissions on there to start decorating your world. I think the next step is for fans of this site to submit some of those beautiful Abduzeedo backgrounds submitted to! Also, there are so many good designers that frequent this site, there should be ample opportunity to get a wide variety of high quality work on there soon. Some Examples Below are two of the entries along with the third source picture for the third. Written by Trey Ratcliff -