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The 23rd Exhibit: Kibernetik by The Luminarium

The 23rd Exhibit: Kibernetik by The Luminarium

The Luminarium is an art group with artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world. They are releasing their 23rd Exhibit entitled: Kibernetik. Their goal? Creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy! ...In our 23rd exhibit, we have explored the cybernetic & cyberpunk universes and our take on the idea of a Kibernetik future. With over 30 pieces our artists have approached the theme in a variety of ways and each presented their own unique visions of the Cyberpunk environment by creating stunning pieces about computer systems, mechanical structures, symbiotic biological & cognitive organisms. This exhibition presents a crossing between advanced technological surroundings and post-apocalyptic worlds. The Luminarium presents Kibernetik Urban Intervention Mech by ptitvinc South Border by Kuldar In the Air by Kuldar Dance of the Mech by Kuldar The Light Droid by Breli4 Clustering by Maxime des Touches Enter Into the Code by Aeon-Lux Distant by jk3y Machines Have No Remorse by Shue13 The Blue Pill by Smiling Demon Target Earth by Badbrush Kibernetik by Cristian Data Transfer by Maxime des Touches & Smiling Demon Transcendence by Elementj21 Anomalous Core by Elementj21 Hail To The Lord Of Shadows by Shue13 The Defender by Maxime des Touches & Aeon-Lux D.R.O.N by Maxime des Touches Links More info about Luminarium Art Group: Follow Luminarium on Twitter:

The 20th Exhibit: Adventure by The Luminarium

The 20th Exhibit: Adventure by The Luminarium

The online art group named the Luminarium just released their 20th exhibit entitled Adventure. From stunning landscape photography, science fiction, digital art; this exhibit will surely offer something for everyone. Hope you will enjoy them! For more information about the Luminarium and their artists, you can visit , or simply follow them on Twitter @theLuminarium. Alien Horizon by Voyager Oceanica by Kire Beachhead Zulu by Tsarye Connected by Jakobhansson Journey to Shatter Island by Kire An Adventure of the Mind by Turksworks Hubulaar by Maxime des TOUCHES In Cyclops's Space Den by Shue13 Le Portail by Aeon-Lux & Ales The Traveller by Cristian Rise by ScottStedman Jump Gate by Smiling Demon Pilot by Kuldar Landing At Wadi -Rum by Shue13 Let's go on an adventure by Zhachrod Awakening Adventure by aRchAng3lZz & Kuldar Roads by Ales ABSOLOM by Maxime des TOUCHES Averno by Chris Cold Knight of the old Republic by kire I saw the suns of Skyland by Aeon-Lux New Paths To Helicon - Helicon by Kuldar New Paths To Helicon - Chosen riders of doom by Kuldar All In Your Hands by Ales New Paths To Helicon - Floor is lava by Kuldar Far, far away. by JB-Gordon New Era by Aeon-Lux New Paths To Helicon by Kuldar Arcady's Epiphany by Tigaer Underdark by Aeon-Lux End boss by Kuldar Decrees of Fate by jcbarquet Drago Eradication by Shue13 & ptitvinc Prominence by Kai Saunders the hermit of Moonlight by ptitvinc

The 17th Exhibit: Illuminate IV by The Luminarium

The online art group named the Luminarium just released their 17th exhibit entitled Illuminate IV. From science fiction to stunning landscape photography, this exhibit will surely offer something for everyone. Hope you will enjoy them and get inspired! For more information about the Luminarium and their artists, you can visit , or simply follow them on Twitter @theLuminarium. Magnetic fields by Maxime des TOUCHES What is that? by Alessio Takeover by Kuldar The cascade departure by O21 Peace by Undiscovered Artist Approaching The Cuillins by Smiling Demon By The Thames River by Shue13 From Here I Can Almost See The Stars by Tigaer Monument To A Forgotten Era by System Snow Tempest in the Alien Sahara by Shue13 Unsustainable by Kaioshen Scale of Life by blueDragoon Rising from the Ashes by Smiling Demon & Thor Take Me Somewhere Nice by System Our Sun is dying by Kuldar Giants graveyard by Kuldar The Way Home by Kuldar Mine by Kuldar Party Animals by blueDragoon Era by shn Back To The Modern Hive by Shue13 Nessie by O21 Loki's Hammer by tsarye Forgotten Glory by jcbarquet Loki's Hammer by tsarye Homeland by Zhachrod Spark of War by tsarye Tranquility by Undiscovered Artist

Luminarium Exhibition #14: Energy

The Luminarium is back with their newest exhibition. It is their 14th issue and this time the main focus is put onto the element of Energy. "Energy is everywhere" "The Luminarium presents our 14th exhibit and it is one of our biggest-an exhibit our artists have attacked with energy. Sound, movement, and life, they all have one thing in Energy can be found in some of the strangest and subtle forms, from right here on our very own planet to the deep areas of space. Energy is everywhere. We may not always be looking for it or see it with our eyes, but hidden beneath what we cannot see is something powerful and once it takes over you, there's no stopping it. It's up to you to harness that energy and use it." Visit the Luminarium Website The Luminarium Exhibition #14: Energy I've selected some of my favourite artwork of this exhibit. Find more designs and music on their website. Visit the Luminarium Website

The Luminarium Chapter 11: Illuminate 2

The Luminarium, a modern international art group, just released their newest exhibition. It is the 11th and - recording to them - their biggest yet. Get an inside view of my favorite designs of this chapter. “Illuminate II is our 3rd freestyle exhibit where we let our artist roam free and stimulate them to put their wildest ideas out there. Something we really enjoy since anything goes! Illuminate II shows the diversity The Luminarium artists are capable of presenting. Never has there been so much music to enjoy in our exhibits and never has the style of art been so experimental and refreshing. We as administrators here at The Luminarium can proudly say that this exhibit is one of our biggest and best yet. Get inspired, stimulated and enjoy!” Illuminate 2 Visit their website for other exhibitions

The Luminarium Chapter 10: Legendary

And again, after a few months, the art group "The Luminarium" has published it's newest exhibition called: Legendary. "Think outside the box and create something incredible" could have been their motto. One tip for the next issue: We'd like to see more designs. Enjoy their newest Chapter on “The Luminarium is proud to release it's tenth exhibit: Legendary. The word Legendary brings many things to mind, and we feel that our artists have portrayed that feeling in many creative and unique ways. Legendary is also going to be Luminarium's last themed exhibit in the near future, with the next several exhibits being exclusively freestyle.” - The Luminarium Here are my personal favourites of this beautiful exhibition.

Introducing "The Luminarium" Art Group

Beside joining design communities like DeviantArt or Behance another way to promote yourself as an artist is to enter an art group. We all know DepthCore and friends but we are always happy to find other groups that design nonprofit. Its a perfect way to express yourself without pressure from a client. Enjoy images of the newest exhibit from "The Luminarium" For more information please visit their website The Luminarium is a modern international art group with talented artists in both the digital and traditional realm from all over the world. Pursuing originality and creativity, our group focuses on creating online art exhibits for anyone to enjoy and experience. The group releases a new exhibit every 2 to 4 months, providing fresh and inspiring content on a regular basis. Every release carries a different theme for the artists to interpret, pushing them to illustrate and visualize their unique views on the subject creating organic and exciting exhibits. The Luminarium Exhibit 9: We Are Dust And Shadow “The Luminarium is proud to give you our 9th exhibit We are Dust and Shadow. We decided to take ourselves outside of our comfort zone and use a theme that was a little different to what most of us are used to working with. While this has led to a smaller exhibit it, as always, packs a punch. With some fantastic artwork from the likes of Chris Cold and Pheonix-06 to some artwork by our newer artists that you might not have been expecting, both visual and audio, We are Dust and Shadow doesn't hold back in any respects.