Free Mockups: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

It's a tradition for designers where whenever there is a new iPhone Announcement, the question is who is going to release the newest model mockups for us to update our UI presentations?! Well, it's no short answer but the amazing folks from LS Graphics did it again and for the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. We always have enjoyed their work on ABDZ, you should definitely check out their store for more.

Artboard Studio: The last Mockup Creator tool you will ever need.

Let us introduce Artboard Studio, what is it? Let's say it will be the first and last mockup creator tool you will ever need. It's a browser-based application that let you create your own mockups, remember those huge Photoshop file? No more! I have been using it in Beta for a couple weeks now and I am loving it! First of all, it's integrated with most of our design tools like Sketch, InVision Studio, Framer, Photoshop and more. In the screenshot below, as you can see the UI interface is quite similar to Sketch.

Freebie: A collection of mesh gradients by LS Graphics

Again, the awesome folks from Lstore Graphics have been pulling together another rad freebie that we would love to share on ABDZ. For those who don't know about Lstore Graphics, they are amazing at handcrafting goodies us designers with premium quality goods for presentations, mockups and so forth. Today they are sharing a collection of 100 free mesh gradients coming in formats like Sketch, AI (Adobe Illustrator), .eps, .jpg and .png. Check it out!

Awesome Animated Mockups for Your Next Killer Presentation

There are so many things to love about being a designer in this day and age. The community is connected and quite strong. There are plenty of great content available to learn and also a plethora of amazing resources for you to create a killer portfolio or presentation. If you are looking for killer mockups Ruslanlatypov got you covered. From iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones to iPads, Surface Studio and Apple Watch. There's also the animated versions, which add even more flare.

Introducing Designer's Presentation Kit with lots of Mockups by LS Graphics

It's Friday and it's usually a good day to spark your inspiration. We love the work from the mighty folks from LS Graphics. They always have been amazing at creating premium quality mockups for our work. They have recently released a Designer's Presentation Kit with lots of mockups of iPhone 8, iPhone X, MacBooks and more. With more than 360+ mockups in 79 different scenes, that's quite a good amount. Check it yourself and keep it inspiring!

iPhone X: Free Mockups

Apple has introduced the iPhone X, we heard so many mixed comments about Apple's latest "innovation". On the other hand, it proves how much their products affect our opinions because we do use them every single day. I personally think that Apple did a superb job at building an ecosystem where once you are inside, you are fine as it is. Nobody likes changes! As a tradition of any new iPhone release, there is plenty of mockups popping around. So we decided to put together a collection of free iPhone X mockups for you guys.

Design Freebies: Icons, UI Kits, Website Templates and more

Time to update your resource library with some amazing design freebies, fresh from the oven for you. Today we're sharing with you icons, UI Kits, fonts, PSD Website templates and Mockups! So hurry and grab these awesome assets for your next great project!

Free iPhone 7 Mockup

As many of you will start getting your hype on or even lining up for the launch in stores of the anticipated iPhone 7, well I remember back at the announcement day which was just a couple days ago. I remember thinking that is also the tradition (funny) to update our set of mockups with the latest and greatest mobile devices to follow the current trend of keeping things updated.

Animated Photoshop Mockups

In the past couple of years we have seen an explosion of mockups to be used for presentations, from phone frames to posters and billboards. These assets really help designers to showcase their work in a more professional way, especially personal projects that might never see the really shippable version. I am a fan of mockups and I have been using them for quite a long time, usually static but it seems that animated version will become reality very soon.

Angle - 140 devices & mockups for sketch

I've become a fan of Sketch since I started using. I was an orphan of Fireworks and Sketch filled the void beautifully well with a great vector software for interface design. There are a lot of things to love about Sketch, like artboards, shadows like in CSS, fully vector and many more. One thing I always missed was ways to add perspective. That was solved through a great plugin called Magic Mirror. Now the awesome Meng To put together an incredible set of device mockups for Sketch, all vectors. You gotta check out Angle.

Free Design Resources: UI Kits, Mockups and More

Freebies, freebies, freebiesss! Yes! We can't get enough of it. Most of us will just flip out when we see such good tasting freebies like these. Kudos for the people behind these for making available such great design for the masses. You make our life much more easier. :) I've made a selection of some of the greatest designs released lately. From UI Kits to Mockups, with a little taste of fonts and wallpapers. I really hope you find these useful! Also, if you know any more great freebies released lately, let us know! We'd love to know see more of these! Cheers. ;)

Ebony & Ivory Free Branding Mockup

Ebony and Ivory is a clean and simple branding mockup series created by Shaan Shiv Suleman to present your designs to clients in a professional and elegant manner. The mockups consist on pretty much everything you will need to create a basic visual identity guide. Shaan Shiv Suleman is a creative individual with professional experience in graphic design, branding and editorial design. Practicing the principles of minimalist perfection, Shaan Shiv Suleman has completed multiple projects with a wide range of international clients.

Free Design Resources: Icons, UI Kits and Mockups

One of the best things about designers these days is that they are really open minded about sharing their knowledge and are very giving. Some of them come up with full sets of icons and UI Kits to giveaway, which is just awesome! So I've selected some of the best free sets around to share with you! There are tons of icons, UI Kits and even mockups for you to use in your next project. Kudos for these guys for doing such a great work on these amazing design pieces. These are quality resources for real!! I hope you enjoy them. Cheers! ;)

Poster Mockups in Photoshop

I shared some posters awhile back on Abduzeedo and got a few emails asking how I created the application mockups for the posters so I decided to post about the process. There are several ways to go about and of course you can find templates online, however, today I'll show you an easy way to create simple mockups that you can reuse for your projects in order to give them a more realistic and professional look.

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