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Motion Inspiration: This week's selections from SOMEI 晟, Carbon and more

With the new year, we would love to bring back some of the feedback we have heard from you guys during the past few months. One of the main thing we keep hearing about are the imminent comeback of features related Motion. Well, we are listening! This is Abduzeedo doing a re-introduction of motion inspiration. Something we haven't done in such a long time. We will focus on motion sequences created from opening titles, short stories, showreel and more. Let us know what you think and please enjoy this amazing return on ABDZ.

Adobe is introducing Motion Graphics for beginners and professionals

Our friends from Adobe has launched earlier this year: Motion Graphics templates for many of us designers who are using motion for post-production workflows or even creating micro-interactions. I love the fact that they provide a variety of files established for beginners all the way to the real professionals. Also one of the best features is the integration between After Effects and Premiere Pro. It prevents editors from having to alternate between the two applications during the post process.

36 Days by Vinicius Araújo

We're excited to share this rad personal project by Rio de Janeiro based graphic designer Vinicius Araújo titled 36 Days whereby he has inexplicably applied brand styles to letters of the alphabet leveraging a potpourri of graphic, industrial and motion design. We love how Vinicius only used Helvetica to create a representation of unique products we all know and love. A for Apple, B for Beats and so on. There isn't much written about the project so it is left up to us to interpret in our own special way.

Motion Graphic Design ‘The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda’

Nexus Studios' creator Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela, in partnership with film and design studio Le Cube and composer David Kamp, have created a 50’ animated film, ‘The Enlightenment of Cosmic Panda’ . The film tells the story of the Mr. Kat & Friends ‘Cosmic Panda’ character as his true nature is revealed.

Inspiring Motion Work of the Animation Studio Onesal

We tend to focus our posts on individual contributors but it is important to also talk about the companies and studios that most of these amazing motion designers might work. Today we are featuring the animation studio Onesal Studio. They are based in Tokyo, Japan and shared their demo reel or showcase video on their Behance profile.

A look inside Nike LunarEpic Flyknit Summer

A couple months back, we featured this very inspiring collaborative case study about the Nike LunarEpic Flyknit shoe campaign. Today we are featuring a comeback on this project with Tendril and Blacklist and their supreme work with the team at Nike.

Join Up & Stand Out Illustration

To start off the week, we would like to share this beautiful collaboration that involves Illustration, Motion Graphics and Animation. Created by a team-up with Rutger Paulusse and the folks from RoomCR6, we are taking a closer look at the work of different communities coming from London, Amsterdam, New York and Rio De Janeiro.

UI Design and Motion Graphics by Ash Thorp

Many of us, while watching movies, wonder who's responsible for those great UI Design and mesmerizing credits for some great movies. From Prometheus, to the Hobbit, there are many examples of the fantastic work of designer Ash Thorp. Here you can see some of his best work. He also comes up with sweet designs for games, which is super cool. For more of his work, as well as reels of his motion graphics, please visit his portfolio! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers. ;)

MTV Match Machine

Motion design matched with beautiful vector illustrations is a perfect union and the inspiration behind the project that creative agency Wenderfalck put together for the MTV Match Machine campaign. The color scheme, the motion graphics and the illustrations have a very modern feel making this project a worthy candidate for a feature here on Abduzeedo. Creative agency Wenderfalck created the MTV Match Machine, to help love starved teens all over the world find the answer to that question. A facebook app that would match you with someone in your friends list.

Leica Geosystems

I love what people can do with motion and 3D graphics these days. I also have the pleasure to work with some of these amazing guys that can do things that I never thought imaginable like giving a 3d effect/depth to regular photos. One of the said talents I have the honor of working pretty closely with at Google is Richard Hawkins.

Animations by Louis Ansa

Louis Ansa is a interactive designer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. He shared on his Behance profile a really cool project featuring some of his motion design work done in the past 2 years. I love to see these kinds of projects because it gives an idea of the improvements and how much the designer evolved by exercising his/her craft. For more information about Ansa check out his website at

Motion Graphics by murAta Yuzi

It has been quite some time since I posted about motion graphics. I have had the recent chance to work with some motion designers and it's amazing to see the things that they can do. I am trying to learn some new things but for me the problem is still getting the timing right. The video that I wanted to share today has all of it, beautiful graphics and fantastic motion. The piece was created by murAta Yuzi for the TANO*C TOUR 2014 TOKYO Jingle Movie.

The Sugary Death Machine - Motion Graphics

Motion design is something I really want to learn. There is nothing I love more than seeing crazy cool animations, specifically because static image animations have sound and timing, which makes an incredible difference. One of my favorite types of animation are those that play with typography Enter Finger Industries "The Sugary Death Machine" motion graphics. We hope you get a kick out of this visually entertaining post. The SDM aka The Sugary Death Machine.

A Tribute to the 80s by Arkuma

Most of the writers of Abduzeedo are from the 80s and we always expressed our love for that decade's style especially the neon lights, terrible VHS quality and the music. In terms of visual design, we can see the beginning of CGI and 3D animations, with simple forms but a lot of chrome and reflections. To illustrate that nothing better than showing some examples, in this case, the fantastic work of Arkuma. Arkuma is a motion graphic designer and illustrator from London, UK.

Motion Design Inspiration by Tyler Bowers

Following our goal of posting more about motion design and showcase motion graphic designers, today we introduce you Tyler Bowers, a freelancer motion graphic designer and graphic designer based in New York. Tyler has done work for big names such as Macy's, Nike, Fox and many more. His specialties are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator. Below we feature some of his work. FOX MLB

Incredible World of Animated Gifs by Matthew DiVito

Matthew DiVito is a motion and graphic designer based in Boston, MA from USA. Matthew is also famously known as Mr. Div and if you haven't checked out his blog; well you're missing out! With a combination of After Effects and Cinema 4D, Matthew creates some really stunning retro and modern GIFS. I hope you'll enjoy them. For more information about Matthew DiVito, you can visit his Cargo Collective and follow him on Twitter @mattdivito.

Inspiring Works by Spy Films

Here on Abduzeedo, we publish a lot of cool content on Design, Photography, Illustrations and a lot more. But already said that, we don't really publish much content on videos other than the Weekly Video Inspiration. I decided to share some videos from a Canada based production house called Spy Films. Totally impressed by their versatility and their client list that goes all around the world! For more information about Spy Films, check out their website at

Motion Graphic Inspiration: Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces is a leading independent production company with offices in Los Angeles and New York. They have been creating some of the most compelling titles for films and TV series as well as other types of motion graphics. The core of their business is beautiful conceptual design and great ideas that have been solving their client's creative problems for nearly 15 years. As our name suggests, we are a force of nature, a force of the imagination. There are no limitations to our work, no boundaries.

Motion Graphics Inspiration by Vellas & Laga

In 2008, a young animator, and a not so young art director, joined forces and started to work as partners, from that idea Vellas & Laga was created and since then they have created, directed, animated, and fought in a lot of films, for TV, Internet and any other interesting form of media. For more information about Vellas & Laga we highly recommend that you visit their website at But we have selected some pieces from their portfolio to feature here on Abduzeedo.

Video of the Week #40

From time to time we have featured a nice motion graphics showreel. Showreel is a nice way to compile someone's work... we get to see the work of a whole year, and just the cool stuff. Today, we feature Onesize's reel. Onesize is a Dutch, Delft based creative studio, founded in 2001 by two creative partners. Focussing on (motion) graphics, animation, visual effects and live-action direction and production for film and television.

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