Advertising & Motion: Lenovo - Different is Better

In celebration of growth and opportunity ofLenovo, the team over Ars Thanea worked on an advertising video to capture and express its rebirth with a colourful approach that was entirely made without CGI. I would suggest to watch that Making Of to learn more and just watching at the final result is a burst of creativity.

Motion Title Design: NBC Hero Logo

We would like to share this motion title design work by Lost Project for NBC. The famous logo was created in the 40s, we were first introduced to that we see (with little iterations) nowadays by the end of the 80s. The spectrum of colours are quite memorable and Lost Project’s work also makes a beautiful tribute to the original core by keeping a modern twist.

Planet Unknown - Short Film

First of all, we would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that does celebrate today and will do for the next few days. Through all the eating sessions and resting between, we would like to share this stunning short film on Abduzeedo.

The Drone Racing League - Branding

We would like to present the work of the mighty folks from Dazzle Ship and their recent motion and branding project for DRL which stands for the Drone Racing League. It’s pretty much saying what this is about! But for those who doesn’t know, it’s a premier drone racing circuit for elite FPV pilots around the world, combining world-class flight skill and proprietary technology for racing.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here! Judging by our feeds, some of us had fun partying since it was during the Weekend even though the official day is today. Hope you’ll have some energy left to do some more Trick & Treating tonight.

The UI/UX Work of Claudio Guglieri

While browsing on Dribbble, I discovered the work of Claudio Guglieri and I was just so impressed by his work related to brands, experiences and UI/UX. He has worked hands-on for brands like Adobe, CNN, Reuters, Kayak, Google and just to name a few. Claudio is the design director at Microsoft Groove and Movies & TV and he’s currently based in Redmond, Seattle.

Animated Photoshop Mockups

In the past couple of years we have seen an explosion of mockups to be used for presentations, from phone frames to posters and billboards. These assets really help designers to showcase their work in a more professional way, especially personal projects that might never see the really shippable version. I am a fan of mockups and I have been using them for quite a long time, usually static but it seems that animated version will become reality very soon.

UI Transitions by Leo Leung

I always do enjoy stumbling across a portfolio of a designer that is also working as a front-end developer. The bridge/gap between the two titles are totally clashing with so many aspects of the job that makes everything more technically functional. I feel the work is more refined by knowing how the platform works instead of guessing interactions. It makes the work less collaborative but it's definitely on-point with your own vision.

Case Study: Nike LunarEpic Flyknit

We are happily sharing a tremendous case study of the new reinvented Nike LunarEpic Flyknit running shoe by/in global collaboration with Tendril and Blacklist and more. Together, they've worked on making the teaser, launch film, and global Nike in-store installations. Sit back and enjoy one of the best projects we've seen lately on Abduzeedo.

Space Channel Visual Refresh - Motion

Tendril is a director-driven design studio based in Toronto, Canada. It is a lab and workshop where directors, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds create powerful visual storytelling experiences, employing a wide range of styles and techniques. The project that they put together for the Space Channel refresh represent that vision quite well. They were also very generous with us by sharing a bit of the process behind this beautiful project.

Interactive Motion Design by John Schlemmer

John Schlemmer is a motion designer currently working at Google as the Lead Motion Designer for Apps. Based in Mountain View, California; John had the opportunity to work on Google's High-Profile apps such as Inbox by Gmail, Google Calendar, Gmail, Drive and more. Check him out! All Rights by John Schlemmer

Xbox Branding Animation

For todays post we bring a super smooth and beautiful animation created by Simon Holmedal for the Xbox Branding. I love the simplicity of this project with simple lines creating the Xbox logo. Everything looks top notch, check it out and for our American friends, Happy Memorial Day. For more information about Simon and his full portfolio check out

30 Years of Nike Air Max

Last Friday Richard Hawkings, a great motion designer that works with me at Google shared with me this amazing work done for the campaign to celebrate the 30 years of Nike's iconic Air Max. The work was done by ManvsMachine, a design & motion studio from London, UK. The work is so good that I asked myself what was 3D and what was real due to the quality of the texture maps. They were kind enough to share a little making of and we had to share it here with you. ManvsMachine is a multi D&AD and Cannes Gold Lion award winning design and motion studio.

Title Sequences Work by Henry Hobson

If you've watched the Oscars (2015) last week, you must have been wondering who worked on those beautiful motion titles throughout the whole show. Well, we do know from whose work it was from, a beautiful work by Henry Hobson.

Friction Typography

Creating typefaces is a daunting task due to the many challenges behind it. The guys from Animography put together a super cool project titled Friction and made the process appear completely seamless. Friction is a distorted geometric typeface that intentionally puts emphasis on its graphic appearance. The minimalistic core of the typeface is built around geometric shapes. Two secondary layers of graphic elements create more abstract letterforms.

Motion Works by Devastudios

Devastudios is an award-winning design firm specializing in motion graphics for film and television based in Los Angeles, USA. With a simple philosophy, Devastudios will provide a creative toolset that is uniquely versatile to make our movies even more exciting. Visit their site for to view their full portfolio. Design. Period. All Rights to Devastudios

Motion Graphics by murAta Yuzi

It has been quite some time since I posted about motion graphics. I have had the recent chance to work with some motion designers and it's amazing to see the things that they can do. I am trying to learn some new things but for me the problem is still getting the timing right. The video that I wanted to share today has all of it, beautiful graphics and fantastic motion. The piece was created by murAta Yuzi for the TANO*C TOUR 2014 TOKYO Jingle Movie.

Sentirse Bien by INLAND STUDIO

”Sentirse Bien” means Feeling Good in Spanish. This was the message from the creative folks at INLAND Studio for

Alphabetic Type Animation

We featured Marcelo Baldin's project titled Cinematics a couple of days ago. It was awesome and his work is so inspiring that we have another one to share. This one is titled Alphabetic and it's type animation experiment. The style, animation and soundtrack are top notch. Check it out!. I used the font CHUNK FIVE, wich is a really cool and free font created by Meredith Mandel ( I had a lot of fun doing this piece! Can't hardly wait for the next one...


An animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another.

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