The Architecture of MVRDV's Future Towers in Pune, India

Let us introduce the first completed project by the fine folks from MVRDV, an architect studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I had the chance the visit their studio and they deliver incredible works like the current and very famous Tianjin Binhai Library located in the District of Binhai in the Municipality of Tianjin.

Architect Day: MVRDV

MVRDV gives us a good insight into the path that architecture can lead. With a new vision, they have a wide variety of topics in their large number of projects carried out, showing high quality in all of them.

Amazing Architecture from the Netherlands by MVRDV

Everytime I see these guys' works, I get even more impressed. It's modern and exciting. I'm talking about the Dutch architecture group called MVRDV. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries work together since 1993 and are known worldwide for the way they develop their projects.

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