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Architect Day: MVRDV

MVRDV gives us a good insight into the path that architecture can lead. With a new vision, they have a wide variety of topics in their large number of projects carried out, showing high quality in all of them. Fotos via Winy Maas, born in 1959 in Schijndel, Jacob van Rijs born in Amsterdam in 1965, and Nathalie de Vries, born in Appingedam in 1965, joined together to form MVRDV in 1991. Some projects from the beginning of their career, such as the center of Villa VPRO television and houses for elderly Wozoco, brought international recognition to the office and took them to the level of the great new architecture firms in the world. Today, with nearly 20 years on the road they have already accumulated numerous international awards. "MVRDV pursues a fascination for radical methodical research: on density and on public realms. Through investigation and use of the complex amounts of data that accompany contemporary design processes, spaces are shaped methodically..” MVRDV Design Statement Calveen, Amersfoort, The Netherlands Calveen, Amersfoort, The Netherlands MVRDV was set up in Rotterdam and today has more than 60 architects and team members. A wide variety of topics of their projects allow them to show all their repertoire of new ideas, clear concepts and exemplary architecture. Their projects are private and mark a new architecture for Europe. We hope that their work can be seen everywhere in the world, with the assurance that there is much to be added to the landscape of many cities. Parkrand Building, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Cancer Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands Pyjama Garden Medical Center Extension, Veldhoven, The Netherlands Gyre, Tokyo, Japan Didden Village, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Borneo, Amsterdam Porters Lodges, Hoge Veluwe National Park, The Netherlands Mirador, Madrid, Spain Wozoco, Amsterdam-Osdorp, The Netherlands Ypenburg Masterplan, The Hague, The Netherlands Villa VPRO, Hilversum, The Netherlands UPV Munich, Germany Matsudai, Matsudai Niigata prefecture, Japan Haus Am Hang, Stuttgart, Germany Anyang Peak, Anyang, South Korea De Effenaar Pop Centre, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Gemini Residences - Frosilo, Copenhagen, Denmark Barcode House, Munich, Germany Expo 2000 NL Pavilion, Hannover, Germany

Amazing Architecture from the Netherlands by MVRDV

Everytime I see these guys' works, I get even more impressed. It's modern and exciting. I'm talking about the Dutch architecture group called MVRDV. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries work together since 1993 and are known worldwide for the way they develop their projects. The colors, the shapes, the constant preocupation with each development detail, and of course, the quest to transform each project into something to remember, have made MVRDV a notorious group, with a notorious style. In each project, we notice their attempt to change our way to see the world, always concerned about the context in which is being developed and about the way people will interact with each part of it. To get more information about MVRDV, you may check their site at Bellow, I've selected a few of their works that really give you a picture of why I admire these dutch guys so much. DnB NOR Headquarters [Updated] Cancer Centre Amsterdam Rødovre Skyvillage Expo 2000 NL Pavilion Borneo New Manor Gyre Mirador Silodam Barcode House Wozoco Singapore Westwood Cleveland Institute of Art