Beautiful Photos from the 2010 NatGeo Photography Contest

Every year National Geographic promotes a photographic contest, with the categories "people", "places" and "nature", which awards the winner $10000 and publishes their picture in the NatGeo magazine. Accepting entries from all over the world, this year's submission period was closed on November 30th, and the entries were already unveiled. The rules for the contest allow minor modifications on image editors, but some of the photos are so amazing that they seem completely manipulated. So in this post we've selected 20 of these fantastic photos to share with you. You can also see more images, including from the previous years, in the National Geographic website. About the Author Hi, my name Mariana Schneider, I'm a design student at ESPM in Porto Alegre. I'm a lover of all kinds of art, from music to painting, but photography usually catches my attention for showing us the amazing things that we look at everyday but never really see. You can find me on Twitter and see some of my own work on deviantArt.