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Architecture History: 50 Years of Brasilia

Yesterday, April 21st 2010, Brasilia - Brasil's capital - celebrated 50 years. A revolutionary project of a city built in only 4 years. Counting with talented hands from Oscar Niemeyer and Lucio Costa, the city became a landmark for brazilian architecture. "...a person who visits Brasília can like or dislike the buildings, mas can't say that already seen something alike before. And architecture is that - invention." The History In 1956, Juscelino Kubitschek - the president back then - started a plan to build a new city for Brazil's government. With the goal to plan and execute the construction were Oscar Niemeyer, the mind who would give forms and curves to official buildings, and Lucio Costa, the man with the 'airplane shape' urbanist plan. And incredibly, in only 4 years, the city was inaugurated. Many buildings were only skeletons, but the candangos (name of the first inhabitants of the new city), were celebrating the new political city in Brazil. "Not even my friends, who helped me a lot, understood my ideas. People used to see the project and say: "Very beautiful!" But they didn't understand a thing." Brasilia Today We can certainly say that Brasilia changed the ways for brazilian architecture. Niemeyer showed in a couple os lines the harmony and beauty that those buildings would have. And it is interesting that during all these years, the buildings remain great and admired all over the world. The modern use of concrete and glass and the sensual shapes of buildings inspired in women curves are marks of Brasilia's architecture. Selo comemorativo 50 anos de Braília At the Cathedral, for instance, I avoided the usual solutions of old dark cathedrals, recalling sins. Official Website: