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Mixing analog with digital always works. Despite the advances in technology and the tools that help us to recreate and emulate diverse effects, there's nothing like using the materials to get the assets and textures you need. The branding project created for Squarespace New York by Pawel Nolbert and Karol Kolodzinski is a great example with a beautiful outcome.

Hand Painted Signs by Jeff Canham

Jeff Canham is an artist and designer from Seattle who resides in San Francisco where he has his studio and makes amazing hand painted signs. I selected a few of his works for you to enjoy! For more from Jeff Canham visit

Legend of the Yokai - Michelangelo

German illustrator Levent Aydin was commissioned by Paramount Pictures to create an artwork for the campaign "Legends of Yokai" and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The result is simply incredible, from pencil drawing to digital painting! For more from Levent Aydin visit

SOL Beer – Chalk and Sign Painting

I love letterings, it brings back great memories from my childhood going to the farmers market on Sundays with my parents not to mention every neighborhood grocery had tons of lettering for prices, promotions and advertisings. It's amazing to see that this craft is getting stronger again and seeing the work that Jackson Alves put together for poster for the Mexican beer Sol is true proof of that. The Advertising Agency Talent from São Paulo (Brazil) hired me to create two handmade posters for the Mexican beer SOL.

Stunning Traditional Paintings by Eduardo Calzado

Digital painting is a big thing... we get to see it all the time, and it's great because we all love good art, right? But it's always great when we get to see some stunning traditional paintings like these by Mexican painter Eduardo Calzado. He's got a mind blowing style. These are so awesomely painted that it's just crazy to know these where done in the traditional way with paint and all. Here you can see just a few of Eduardo's pieces. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART.

Oil & Acrylic Portrait Paintings

A collection of portrait paintings done by Canadian painter Jace Kim. Each portrait is mysterious and has and raw in such an awesome way, it's almost like faces are being born out of a mix of raw lines and colors. Enjoy! For more from Jace Kim visit

Spectacular Cathedral Ceiling Art

When you talk about the Renaissance the thing that comes to the mind is art! Magnificent art. We're talking about Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and all the ninja turtles (just kidding). And a place where you'll find concentrated art is a cathedral. Cathedrals were the perfect canvas for Renaissance artists... there you'll find amazing sculptures and breathtaking ceiling art. Those ceilings are something completely apart! So I thought it was really important to share with you some of the most amazing cathedral ceilings in the world.

Digital Paintings by Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a Hobbyist Digital Painter from France and loves the universe of Tim Burton and Hayoa Miyazaki. His digital paintings are quite impressive for a hobby, check them out! For more from Cyril Rolando visit Home Sweet Home

Your Body is my Canvas

Incredible work by the artist Alexa Meade who reinvented the way to paint portraits. Alexa paints directly on the surfaces of live models and found objects in three-dimensional space, collapsing real world depth into seemingly two-dimensional paintings. Enjoy! For more from Alexa Meade visit

Swooshart - Nike Meets Classic Art

The Nike symbol, also known as the Swoosh, is one of the most important icons of modern culture. The simplicity is memorable and we can spot and identify anywhere around the globe. Now, imagine merging this iconic logo with a classic painting from the Baroque and Renaissance? The guys behind Swooshart have been making that reality. It's somewhat of a clash of ideologies and styles but in my opinion they look awesome.

Awesome Graffiti from Chile

Every country has a different style of graffiti, today I want to show a little bit of the Chilean style. Let me introduce you to ESTOY, a graffiti artist who paints the streets of Santiago Chile with some awesome pieces. Enjoy! For more about ESTOY visit, and

Oil Paintings - The life of a Superhero

These amazing photo realistic Oil Paintings are done by Swedish painter Andreas Englund. In this series Andreas portraits the life of a superhero telling a story with his amazing paintings. For more from Andreas Englund visit, and

Beautiful Artworks on Instagram by Creative Mints

We have yet another instagram post, this time is an amazing artist & designer from Czech Republic who loves to share his works and process on instagram. Take a look at these amazing painting & Drawings and let us know what you think. For more from Creative Mints visit his Instagram and

Amazing Water Paintings by Antoine Renault

Antoine Renault is a self taught painter from France who loves to paint the water. Whether it's a pool, the ocean a simple water splash, Antoine paintings are simply amazing. Enjoy!

The Magical World of Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka is an amazing painter from Poland. His subject matter ranges from odd beasts to whimsical landscapes incorporating extraordinary architecture, and includes imagery gleaned from his childhood. I handpicked a few of his pieces so we can take a close look at his world of painting. For more from Jacek Yerka visit

Hand Painted King Kong Mural by Jacqui Oakley & Poly Studio

Jacqui Oakley & Jamie Lawson are one of of the most creative couples out there, together they were invited to live paint a mural at the Agenda NYC tradeshow for Flexfit/Basecamp. Check out the process and the amazing final result. For more from Poly Studio visit, for more from Jacqui Oakley visit, and for more from Jamie Lawson

Oil Painting Portraits by Yunior Hurtado

Yunior Hurtado is an amazing artist from Cuba. His oil painting are very alive an exotic, with a realistic look that express strong feelings through the portraits. Enjoy! For more from Yunior Hurtado visit

Acrylic Paintings by Robert Proch

Robert Proch is a Painter and Muralist who lives and works in Poznań, Poland. These paintings have a futuristic feeling and a style that I haven't encountered before, it leaves so much for the imagination to feel in. Enjoy! For more from Robert Proch visit and

Real Life Models

Nowadays, almost every photographer use graphics software to completer the picture, like many painters used a "original version" in the past. Some artists use pure imagination to paint their artworks, other may prefer to create art by using a real life model as reference for the anatomy. What if these abstract models were real people?

Super Realistic 3D Paintings by Keng Lye

Is it a photograph or a painting? It's normal to ask that question after you see some of Keng Lye's work, the level of realism on his paintings is incredible. This series is called "Alive without Breath" and it's all created by layering epoxy resin and acrylic paint. For more from Keng Lye visit his DeviantART Gallery and his Facebook.

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