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365 Days of Miniature, a beautiful Paper Cut project

How good are your paper cut skills? Mine are terrible. I won't do a good job even if I just need to cut a straight line on a marked paper. So I'm always amazed when I see how good artists out there are with paper cutting. It is incredible how simple pieces of paper are transformed into intricate and realistic shapes. It is all about creativity, talent and cutting skills. When I saw this beautiful paper cut bird series by Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama I was blown away.

SEGRA Cut-out paper Design

With the flat style taking over there's a tendency for designs and illustrations to take on the same look and feel. I am not saying it's bad, it's the path of evolution for our industry. Corpo Design, a studio from Guadalajara, Mexico used this concept and explored craft paper overlay to create subtle textures and depth that makes the work stand out. SEGRA is one of the biggest plotter and big format equipment suppliers in Latin America.

Unique Paper Sculptures by Anastassia Elias

One may craft a sculpture using many different materials, but I find fantastic those that master the art of paper sculpting. Paper is such a fragile material... when someone gets to make art out of it they just deserve to be spotted among the crowd. Anastassia Elias is a French artist that does some mesmerizing paper cut art. Her use of perspective just adds so much to the composition that it turns simply paper rolls into mini artsy worlds. Fantastic indeed!

Paper Cut Mastery by Eiko Ojala

I love simple illustrations that play with negative space and simple shapes to create more intricate effects. Eiko Ojala goes way beyond using paper-cut style to create incredible artwork that plays with shadows adding depth and style to his work. The level of detail and the simplicity is beyond impressive. Eiko Ojala is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director living in Tallinn, Estonia. His graphic design illustrations are particularly aimed towards books and magazines.

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